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Case Studies - Women Coaching

1. Women Coaching - Getting Back to Work

Coaching support that we lent to a woman getting back to work post a series of Transitions.

The Situation

In 2015, Our Coach Sripriyaa Venkataraman had the opportunity to coach an expat wife/student/mother in Gurgaon, India. The Coachee was struggling to meaningfully transition back to work post her global relocation to a foreign country, maternity and a graduate educational program she was enrolled in.


The coaching support helped the coachee:

2. Women Coaching - Personal Branding

We are happy to share a couple of instances where we engaged with women professionals to empower them to confidently with grit, create their personal brand.

Addressing Lean In – Singapore Chapter

The ‘Lean In’ chapter in Singapore which compromises of ~500 members and growing, conducted a survey to ensure that chapter meetings were tailored to address the right needs of its members. The top need from that survey was women professionals seeking a new and better way to build their personal brand. We had the opportunity to address their members on this topic, where we manoeuvred away from typically the marketing lens that personal branding usually receives, to helping them think of their brand across 4 powerful dimensions – Foundations, Pillars, Accelerators and Multipliers.

This approach gave a fresh lens to the topic where participants shared the feedback that they felt it was a much more ‘grounded and actionable’ approach to build their personal branding. The participants also mentioned that clarity with which we provided the structured approached helps them takeaway clear actionables, which is a welcome shift from some of the just motivational sessions that are conducted around these topics and women empowerment. We also had a choice panel of experts who could value add to each of the 4 powerful dimensions and add their expert suggestions to make the session truly valuable and action oriented.

Empowering women into partnership

While we were working with one of the world’s Big 4 Accounting and Advisory firms, to empower their women directors to move into partnership - one of the most important dimensions for them was their brand, and its perception by others.

We created an interesting model within the larger leadership program that helped the participating women professionals, to ‘hot seating’ their personal brand in the context of their larger contributions and receive feedback from our expert facilitator and also the highly supportive leadership team.

The participants found immense value in these sessions, which subsequently contributed to some of them lessening their time gap to partnership.