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Executive Coaching Case Study

Empowering Women Leadership Case Study

Executive Coaching Case Study


A partner with a leading management consulting firm wanted to explore coaching as an opportunity to transform himself, his team and his organizational results. Specific areas that this leader wanted to focus
on was on building gravitas, breaking silos and balancing his priorities.


  • In addition to the SMART Goal setting, we brought in Pearson's Heroes and archetypes into the coaching conversation, and then requested the Partner to unleash the Warrior as he approached key leadership meetings. Understanding, acknowledging and bringing forth various archetypes helped the Partner improve his situational fluency in leadership settings, to a degree that he is now comfortable leading conversations at a higher level.
  • We utilized Lencioni's "Five Dysfunctions of a Team" to build on his ability to get his team to showcase vulnerability and then move to trust, accountability and results. The ability to dissolve silos also helped him to identify the next set of leaders who could be potential successors to his role.
  • We utilized "UBalancer", which is a tool that allows the coachee to record and reflect on his various life roles, time spent and results achieved thereof. Weekly reflections helped him identify "time wasters" and take control of the most important priorities, and assign time accordingly.


The ability to bring in specific tools and concepts into the coaching discussion provided the
coachee with the intellectual richness and execution rigor to make progress on his goals.
His transformation with coaching with GCL was so powerful that he now plans to work through GCL to address some of his customer's coaching requirements.