Individual Coaching

What are you prepared to do differently to accelerate your own success?

1. 1:1 Executive Coaching

The effectiveness of the Coaching Engagement is dependent upon the chemistry between the Coach and Coachee. Once the chemistry is established, coaching effectiveness is then indexed around the assessments, tools, frameworks and process that the coach brings to play within the engagement.

We are privileged to leverage the diversity of our Coaches to suit the specific organizational and personal needs for the coaching engagement.

Our Differentiators

  • The ability to bring role plays
  • The ability to 'Hot-seat' the coachee and their challenges
  • The ability to build measures and metrics for tracking and RoI

Our Approach

  • Global Leadership approach across 6 different lenses (Mobius strips with 6 perspectives)
  • Ability to apply multiple level of intelligences for an interconnected and integrated approach to coaching
  • Blend of the left and right brain

2. Cross-Cultural Diversity Coaching

Our Cross Cultural Coaching intervention helps expats successful  navigate their adaptation and cross cultural challenge to make informed choices in their personal and professional transition. The coaching also focuses on professionals who like to accelerate their integration into a new environment and utilize the power of diversity and coaching to reach their goals faster.

Our Differentiators

  • A scientific approach to leveraging cultural differences
  • Breath of experience coaching transfers across different cultures and teams
  • Ability to flex and stretch the coachee across cognitive diversity and cultural diversity

Our Approach

  • Build a voacbulary to understand differences
  • Gain competence to navigate the different landscapes
  • Build the mindset, skillset to leverage diversity
  • Collaborative Intelligence

Addressing Cross Cultural Issues

I had the pleasure of being coaches by Sripriyaa during the summer of 2012. She assisted me with a cross cultural issue I had been dealing with, and was not sure how to handle. I found her to be a warm and patient person, and she made me feel comfortable during our entire session. I just needed to get a few things off my chest, and I believe she could sense that's what I needed, and she let me vent. She then asked me just the right questions to help me visualize my situation in a more positive light which I greatly appreciated. I came away feeling much better just by having spoken with her. I would recommend Sripriyaa to anyone who wants to get back on the right track because she will help you get there.

-- Michelle Lee,
Certified Life Coach & Owner at Relish Your Life Now, LLC

3. Solopreneur/Entrepreneurial Coaching

To succeed as an entrepreneur, we have realized that one needs to have clarity, focus and a thorough execution plan. At Global Coaching Lab we work co-creatively with Solopreneurs to consistently succeed in their ventures by creating sound business plans, marketing plans, action plans, client attraction strategies and business reviews that leads to increased ability to succeed in their venture.

A Guideline for our 1:1 Coaching Engagement

Our 1:1 engagements normally span 10 sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each spread over a three to six month period. To develop a customised coaching plan for you or your organisation, email us at

Our Recommendation

At the end of our coaching sessions, the coachee can take up a new project, with the manager /sponsor support, that would demonstrate his new behaviours. We have seen this help in building habits and leads to long lasting results and measures.

Inspire me!
Leadership insight and client impact stories that can truly add value and make a difference to you!
I cannot forget Venkat who changed my perspective to the work & life. I am feeling great to have you as a coach with bundle of energy and clarity of thinking which is highly contagious. Through I felt exhausted to answer some of the tough thought provoking questions, over a period time I realize all of them are helping me to become a better person. During this tenure I have actively contributed gained great feedback on presentations & meetings. I admire the style in which you stimulate and nature the skills to focus on the goals. I still surprise, how quickly time moves. I would like to stay in touch with you. Thanks for your coaching, support & guidance

-- COO,
Healthcare Vertical for top 3 IT Companies in India