Kudos To Women Power

GCL-Women-powerThe International Women’s day just went by and everywhere I could only read about WOMEN empowerment, leadership, safety etc. I realized that POWER is of utmost importance. How can we women get this power? Delving deeper and understanding the psychology behind, I must say that women need to learn to fight the external as well as internal barriers. I started reading and understanding various researches conducted on women and with the help of that I am listing a minimum of 5 pointers that can help us move towards the power.

  1. Today I find that many women are missing out on garnering the feminine skills (I feel it has been buried in many cases) like empathy, EQ, being rational, inclusion of others etc. So let’s get started and embrace these skills and define our own leadership.
  2. We live in a complex environment and are constantly fighting for our rights. In the midst of this fight we fail to recognize that who we are is different from what we want to achieve. Many of us women want to do achieve something big and be amazing, but the big and amazing is not defined. Thus let’s all realize what are true potential is and strive to stick to one greatness.
  3. A dialogue that I remember from the Hindi movie English Vinglish- “When men cook, it becomes art but when women cook it a responsibility they hold.” The reason I recollected the dialogue is to say that we women need to learn to tackle interruptions so that we can convey our ideas and opinions (very important in a workplace). Next time we are interrupted at our workplace repeat this phrase HOLD ON, I AM NOT DONE YET.
  4. Showing compassion and standing up for other women is very important. The word feminism is always seen in a negative tone. But that cannot stop us for standing up for women.
  5. The clock does not stop ticking and times keep changing but the tough times are the ones that lead to drive our passion, meaning and work. This tough times help us to leave a lasting cherish able legacy.


Author: Kavita - UBalancer Coach @GCL

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