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4 Keys To Reinventing Your Personal Brand​

Mindfully and Intentionally build a persona that impresses, achieves and inspires.


When John walks into the room, people sit up. They know what follows would be viewpoints, opinions and actions that will create an impact. The way John walks, the way he talks and what he says inspires the room every single time and his Managers are impressed with his gravitas.

Was John born with this charisma? Perhaps yes.

Is it possible that John consciously made efforts to earn this impression? Yes. With focus and practice, it is possible to build a truly impactful personal brand.


There’s a saying in Leadership: “All the important decisions about you will be made when you’re not in the room.”

Opportunities, promotions, high-visibility projects all come your way based on the confidence you have inspired in the decision makers. What makes them believe that you deserve and are capable of owning any given opportunity?

It’s your Personal Brand.

This course walks you through the Foundation, Pillars, Accelerators and Multipliers for your brand and how you can use these to build a personal brand that represents confidence, capability and consistency. Also understand how you can use Archetypes to tap into your infinite potential.

Who is this course for?



You want your colleagues, managers and customers to remember you by your unique Voice, Identity and Purpose.


High Potential/Rising Leaders

You are a rising leader and wish to inspire confidence in your subordinates and be noticed among senior leaders.



You have your heart and soul invested in a great idea. And want to make an impact while presenting it to your investors and the world at large.

In Focus

Explore the 5 elements of fitness that form the foundation for your brand.
Explore the 3 pillars for your brand and how you can use them effectively.
Explore the 3 powerful accelerators for your brand.
Explore the 2 elements that could be the multipliers for your brand.
Explore the Archetypes that you could call upon at will to match your situational needs.
4 Expert coaches discuss & offer perspectives on the visual case study 'Recalibrating Brand Betty'.

Meet your instructor


Venkataraman Subramanyan

Venkat is an experienced facilitator and coach and delights in the joy of making others great. His vast experience across Asia in a variety of leadership roles has helped him tailor his engagements across cultures. He is currently leading several engagements in areas of Global Leadership Development, Execution Excellence, Sales Leadership, Women Leadership, Group Coaching and Executive Coaching. Venkat is certified through the Results Coaching methodology and is an ICF accredited coach. He balances his engagements between individual coaching and Group coaching sessions.

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Our approach to Personal Branding is holistic, interconnected, and comprehensive, and is based on the belief that every leader has the potential to develop their executive presence authentically.

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