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5 Components of an Ideal Customer Meeting


A clever salesman walks into a customer meeting knowing fully well that there are at least 3-5 competitors waiting in line for him/her to slip up so they can whiz past and take the stage.

It is important to ensure that every customer meeting you have is meaningful and memorable, for the customer. Walking into a customer meeting without due preparation or clarity on the next steps could be catastrophic.

In this short course, we share the 5 components that make an ideal customer meeting. And if you carefully manoeuvre up this 5-step pyramid, success is imminent. 

See what’s in store for you:

Who is this course for?


Account Executives

(Sales Executives, Business Development or Customer Success Executives)

As a front-end Account Executive, you are the ambassadors of your organization. It's important that you stand out in your every customer interaction.


Sales Managers

(Sales, Business Development or Customer Success Managers)

Lead by example in your customer meetings thereby inspiring your Team to transform into the best version of themselves.

In Focus


Learn what SQ, EQ, IQ and XQ stand for and how it forms the base for the 5 components of an ideal customer meeting.


Virtual has today turned businesses geography-agnostic. Empower yourself with the tools, techniques and etiquettes involved in making your virtual meeting a success.


Understand the 4Os of Preparation and the 3 ratios that will help you as a Manager orchestrate better with your team member at the customer meeting.


Memorable Customer Meetings Seldom Happen by Chance

Your ability to make every customer interaction a memorable one is wholly dependant on you. Spend 18 minutes to understand how you can stand differentiated.

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