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5 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

It is a common belief that extroverted people have better opportunities and are successful in the corporate world. When it comes to leadership, both introverts and extroverts can excel in any field, whether they are –

  • Leading a team
  • Making crucial decisions
  • Networking with new connections and prospects, or
  • Mentoring an individual seeking guidance

Any aspect that an extrovert can handle with ease – introverts can do as well. It is all a matter of perspective and the approach they take to deal with situations. Read on to know how to harness the power of introverts and how introverted people can be great leaders by playing to their strengths.

#1 They are thoughtful

The biggest advantage of being an introvert is the ability to understand people at a deeper level. They know how to get things done without being loud. I had a friend who told me once, “I am a part-time content writer and a full-time introvert. People tend to think I am not confident as they believe that an introvert will not be outspoken. There is a belief that it is always the loudest person in a room who is the best leader. To be heard and have a voice, you have to be loud and ready to connect with new people. To be honest, I energise when I am alone, but I have no issues acquiring contacts and discussing financials that will benefit me.”

Introverts are consistently impacting lives and nurturing the people around them by understanding them. They have a higher level of empathy and intuition which allows them to put themselves in other people’s shoes. Just because someone is soft-spoken does not mean they cannot confront people when things go wrong. Introverts can add a dash of thoughtfulness to their words and actions to add value to any circumstance.

#2 They are calm and think deeply

Introverts can learn to be great leaders owing to how deeply they think. While some people brand this trait as overthinking, turning things over in your head is a good strategy. It helps introverts analyse situations and determine the best actions that lead to preferable outcomes. Since they take time to consider the best approach for any project or idea, introverts can make good decisions by understanding who they are dealing with. Having an introvert on your team will help create a bigger impact and build lasting relationships.

Furthermore, when things get tough or too heated, introverts remain calm and composed. Having a clear head helps them formulate better decisions and create quality outcomes. Introverts are detail-oriented and can invest time and effort in production processes. This is better than quick results that may be short-lived.

#3 They are focused and result-oriented

The devil is in the details and introverts are the best leaders when it comes to executing detail-oriented leadership. They can extract the best work from all their employees and ensure that everyone plays to their strengths. Owing to their diplomacy, introverts can add respect and bring tact to sensitive topics and bring higher order results to their team.

A quiet personality combined with confidence is a force to reckon with. Thinking things at their own pace and drafting strategies is a valuable trait to possess. Introverts are focused and shy away from the small talk as it drains them. By being in their own headspace, they listen closely to evaluate situations.

#4 They are great listeners

The COO of a reputed IT company in Chennai said, “I am an introvert, and my biggest strength is listening to people. I am intuitive when it comes to understanding my colleagues and this is purely owing to my listening skills. I often don’t even provide my thoughts unless asked, but I pay attention to everything that is being said (and not said). It helps me understand people and collaborate better with people.”

This is true on many levels, as introverts are good at collaboration owing to their ability to evaluate people and situations. They are intuitive with even subtle body language and are good at understanding where a conversation is going. It helps them evaluate the entire picture and prepare diplomatic responses to questions. As team leads, their communication is clear, and they ensure everyone is on the same page.

#5 Better crisis management

Ever had someone on your team who is silent during a discussion but suddenly pops up with an observation that everyone else missed? Or have you had someone on your team who was quietly evaluating everything that was being said and finally providing a solution nobody else thought of? This is the beauty of having an introvert as a leader. They have the intuitiveness and intellect to arrive at valuable solutions based on what’s being said. Going back to the point about introverts being deep thinkers and detail-oriented people, they often provide solutions that are well thought out and detailed.

In a crisis, introverts analyse situations by digesting all information and asking the right questions. They understand the problem from every angle and provide solutions that will benefit a majority of the sides involved. An introvert’s power of listening and analysing helps them weigh different perspectives and deal with crisis. Interact with an introvert and you will notice how meaningful your conversations can be – full of valuable insights they have gained.

How can introverts channel their traits to be a great leader?

Introverts need to get out of their comfort zone and network. It is easier said than done, but it is the best way to connect and develop leads. Introverts tend to have limited social energy which makes them spend a lot of their time alone. They reflect on conversations they have had and digest what they have observed., which rejuvenates them. It prevents burnout and helps them deliver quality work. These are an introvert’s strength, and these should be used wisely. 

Introverts may have low social energy, but they must reserve some energy for clients and meetings. They must connect with their team through messages, collaborations, and bonding activities like team parties. Everyone wants transparency and introverts must communicate with their teams and keep them in the loop. They can use management and productivity apps to stay in touch with their team and bring accountability to the workplace. 

If you are someone who wishes to leverage your introverted character to deliver your full potential to your team, you have reached the right place. Be it executives, managers, team leads, or sales reps – whatever your role is, don’t let your personality define your capability. Click here to know how to enhance your skill set and guide your team to achieve their goals while being true to your ideals.

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