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Adult Life Balance

The Context

As a human race, we find ourselves in the midst of complexities which have high probabilities to create an imbalance towards our life and work priorities and commitments. Managing your energy across multiple life and work roles is an interesting balancing act, which if we master, can have high impact on our productivity and fulfilment.
Manage your energy not your time - Harvard Buisness Review

Our Belief

Having worked with hundreds of adults in multiple coaching situations, we have discovered that the first step towards change, is increased awareness about how we spend our time and energy across the multiple roles of our life. Between understanding our current reality and gaining clarity on our aspired time-spent for each of our roles, we discover the ability to make informed choices.

Our Approach

We have a blended approach, leveraging on our multiple years of professional coaching expertise, along with leveraging the UBalancer tool through our partnership with UBalancer Australia.

UBalancer is a tool that lends science to the art of coaching, when blended with our expertise, helps to address life balance across the intellectual, emotional and executional levels. It helps us take stock of what is most important in our lives and allows us to assign time to our priorities. In addition, the ability to create actions and track progress allows us to establish a closed loop between planning, execution and reflection.

This engagement is best utilised for:

  • Adults in transition
  • Those seeking to improve time, priority and life roles management
  • Enhance productivity and performance through informed choices
  • Achieving prioritization and focus within each of our life and work roles
  • Steadily build Work – Life Balance through continuous monitoring and balancing of priorities across roles


Access to a scientific tool that often surprises and heightens your awareness on the interplay of your various life roles.

Heighten your awareness on your current approach to choices and priorities.

Learn & implement highly tested and successful approaches that can accelerate you to your priorities.

Gain a rich vocabulary that helps you understand the dysfunctions of work and life roles, and strategies to overcome them.

Understand the impact of diversity and making the right choices to what truly matters – all leading to a life which proudly leans at the vertex of balance.