Amplifying Executive Presence

Elevating Leaders to Their Greatest Potential

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An Entrepreneurial Mindset Is Critical for Navigating Adversities and Developing High-Impact Leadership in Business

As the demands on leadership grows, leaders need to learn the ability to achieve through influence. An important component of influence is Executive Presence. Loosely defined, it is what the leader communicates even without a word being said. It is this awareness and appreciation of this physical and psychological aspects of presence that elevates leaders to their full potential.

Presence is not an innate quality that one is born with. It is a set of behaviours that can be learnt to help you command attention and through your confidence, inspire others. Although most people understand this intellectually, yet unsure where to begin.

For any leader to make their presence felt, he or she needs to amplify their personal brand thereby enhancing their influence quotient. Our approach to Executive Presence and Personal Branding is holistic, interconnected, and comprehensive, and is based on the belief that every leader has the potential to develop their executive presence authentically.

Have you discovered the missing link between Merit and Success in your leadership impact?
Winners do not do different things. They do things differently. What are you doing to differentiate yourself from the rest?
You are aware of the need for executive presence but puzzled on how to build it?
Wondering why you missed your promotion in this progression cycle despite an excellent business case?
How do you build an authentic personal brand that impacts and influences business results?
How do your leaders learn to engage in constructive politics to achieve collective consensus to achieve key goals and organization vision?

How can we help you?

Most leaders understand and appreciate WHAT is executive presence. They look for a simple approach on HOW to build executive presence. GCL provides this perspective to build an authentic image devoid of marketing lens. 

We believe in an integrated and unique approach to Executive Presence. This constitutes the Foundation, the three pillars of Physical Presence, Psychological presence, and the Accelerators and Multipliers. The Physical presence focuses on strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and breath. And the Psychological presence focuses on humility, authenticity, mindfulness, and synchronicity.



We will also touch upon the multiple possibilities of Archetypes that reside within each one of us, that you would be able to call upon at will, to match your situational needs. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you express yourself. Understanding Archetypes will make you richer, in your ability to move away from a victim mindset to a warrior mindset.  

The engagement leverages powerful case studies and simulations followed by group and executive coaching to practice and build the right plan for leaders to develop their executive presence.

What can you achieve?


Your leaders understand how to take care of their foundations that serves as the gateway to amplify executive presence.


Your leaders learn to connect the dots between how they come across to how they can influence change at all levels.


Your leaders learn to apply key accelerators that can help them confidently improve their leadership impact through their physical and psychological presence.


Your leaders learn to apply the power of network and people leadership to multiply the impact of their voice and presence, thus inspiring their teams.


Your leaders learn the art of practicing self-trust and confidence to develop the same in the teams they nurture and lead into the future.

How do your leaders benchmark excellence?