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Applied Learning

A Case Study Approach

Theory without application is hallucination

The Context and Our Belief

Having had the opportunity to coach leaders across various roles, industries and geographies, we have come to realise that their dilemmas, complexities and ambiguities are only increasing daily. While many leaders react using brute force to manage in this environment, this is not a scalable approach. Leaders need to experience a safe environment within which they could allow their creativity and intelligence to make a difference.

We believe that the Case Study approach is a very effective way to address this need for ideation, rapid innovation, and to quickly get to a decision. The Case Study approach leverages a common context with varying perspectives allowing everyone to create possibilities within the case study constraints.

Case studies maximise the opportunity for all participants to increase their ‘A-Ha’ moments.

The higher the diversity of participants and their contribution, the greater is the Return on Time Invested (RoTI) analysing the case study.

Given that it follows a deductive approach, the Case study approach has the maximum likelihood of reapplication of all the learnings.


We believe that learning through case studies is the closest way to build situational fluency as you manage and lead. This method of Applied Learning helps you -

Through expert facilitation you will get exposed to role plays, simulations, and a blend of independent research and group perspectives.

You will have the opportunity to APPLY what you know, and to DISCOVER the possibilities behind what you don't know.

Case Study approach to tackle leadership complexities