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Our Assessment

We have the capability to come up with unique assessments for our client needs and also the ability to conduct varied psychometric tools and assessments.

A2I – Assessments to Insights

We do both qualitative and quantitative assessments on leadership capability development. A number of leaders who have gone through our Global Leadership and Coaching Seminar stand testimony to the relevance and applicability of these assessments we have created.

This raises the awareness and increases the bias to action.

Psychometric Assessments

We have the capability to deliver various assessments because we have a multifaceted team of coaches who are certified in different assessment tools. We leverage our network of coaches who are certified in different assessments which makes it more richer and more valuable for our clients to engage with us.

Write to Us

To know more about these assessments for you and your team, write to us at  empowerme@globalcoachinglab.com