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Organisations almost always face the challenge to effectively manage employee transitions. These transitions come from employees returning to the workforce post 1) Maternity 2) Sabbaticals 3) Choice career breaks.

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The way a manager handles the transition and how the employee is made to feel when planning to take a career break – the emotional maturity with which the dynamics of this context are handled by the manager and the employee, becomes a critical factor for the successful outcomes of any transition.

Our Belief

Our belief to address this need, allows us to suggest a comprehensive approach that takes into account multiple stakeholders who need to integrate and address employee transitions. Our belief also reiterates the power of coaching that can transform the way each and every stakeholder plans, addresses, and successfully charts out the transition.

Three words that might initially spell unparalleled joy, cheer and euphoria for most women could very well change to worry, anxiety and stress in no time, considering the multitude of changes that the phenomenon of maternity brings along. Soon, the magnitude of this “good news” dawns upon not just the woman herself but her family, near and dear ones and of course her employer if she happens to be a working professional.

At Global Coaching Lab, we realized the futility of simply coaching the women professionals without involving their environmental stakeholders. After months of thorough research we have identified 4 powerful components for optimum impact of the Program – The manager, the HR, the expecting professional and the returning professional.

Some Question to think critically

How can they transit smoothly between different phases from and back to work?
How can working women and organizations ensure the balance of career aspirations and life changes?
How can working women and their employers make it a productive rather than a disruptive event?
So how can the news of maternity continue to remain “Good News”.

Our Approach and Outcomes

Challenges women face getting back to work