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An Entrepreneurial Mindset Is Critical for Navigating Adversities and Developing High-Impact Leadership in Business

One of the biggest challenges grappling organisations today is how to develop an Entrepreneurial (Intrapreneurial) mindset within their people. Creativity and problem solving being key skills for the jobs of the future, developing an entrepreneurial mindset becomes even more essential.

The rapid changing business environment embraces innovators and risk takers, which is why developing an entrepreneurial mindset is critical for leaders’ success.

Embedding an entrepreneurial culture within organizations is going to be a key aspect for talent development and skills for the future. It is important that mid and senior leaders learn to nurture this mindset within their teams and together they are well prepared to navigate the changing business landscape.

Are your leaders basking in past glory, relaxing in comfort zone/status quo, risk averse, do not exhibit hunger for business?
How can innovation and creativity be embedded in the DNA of your organization?
Your organization has grown big, and do you fear that bees (start-up) will overtake the elephant (agility)?
How can you build an ownership mindset and a culture of belonging in your teams?
How can your leaders wear the thinking and execution hat of a business owner and undertake fail fast experiments?
Are Your employees uncomfortable managing the grey?

How can we help you?

Shaking people from complacency and building a sense of urgency & bias for action like an entrepreneur is easy said than done. Building an entrepreneurial mind set calls for in-depth change management capability.

We begin by helping the senior leadership team debate, define and agree on the organizational culture that will lead them into the future.

We coach senior leaders through team coaching models to create a systemic strategy along with role modelling behaviours that encourages fearless conversations.

We then move to helping the next rung of managers to improve their emotional intelligences to compassionately address the FUDSIs< (Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts, Scepticism and Inertia) of their team members.

We facilitate healthy and open conversations between managers and their teams to embrace this change and become entrepreneurs/ intrapreneurs.

What can you achieve?


This program sets strong foundation for leaders and their teams to work towards the Why, the How and the What for developing an entrepreneurial culture and mindset within their teams and organization.


You can achieve higher levels of trust and confidence in your execution teams.


Leaders and Manger learn to become role models for behaviour and culture change within the organization.


Able to attract and retain young talent by showcasing a purpose driven culture that provides safety and support to allow fail fast innovation.


The entrepreneurial culture and environment helps organizations to be ahead of change and be ready to address ambiguities of the future.




Begin investing in your early talent through a digital classroom

What are the principles of entrepreneurship that are missing your organization culture?

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How can your leaders build possibility mindset in an environment of positivity to set an entrepreneurial culture?