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Nine Keys to Drive Coaching Excellence

Today leaders tackle complexities in a highly interconnected world. Are you enabling them with a revolutionary approach to demonstrate a new breed of leadership?

Our approach blends the traditional with the modern perspectives of leadership to enable both personal and business transformation.

At Global Coaching Lab we recognise the need for some new narratives for leadership. We enable your leaders to imbibe these new narratives through the globally acclaimed SIX PERSPECTIVES of leadership by Prof.Philippe Rosinski.

Global Coaching Lab has exclusively partnered with Philippe Rosinski, who is a global leadership development guru, to bring out this unique workshop based on his best-selling book ‘Global Coaching.’

Your leaders are unable to see possibilities for achieving multiplier growth results.
Your leaders are unable to think outside the box to solve unique and complex challenges.
Your leaders are unable to build stakeholder alliances to amplify opportunities
Your leaders are struggling to define their genuine authentic leadership styles.
Your leaders lack executive presence and executive endurance.
Your leaders find it a challenge to get the best out of their teams and create a culture of accountability.
Your leaders are busy managing time, team and talent, and are not having the time to strategically forge alliances to innovate.
Your leaders struggle with complexities of limiting beliefs, biases and behaviours.
Your leaders often resort to telling more, while you are aiming to build a coaching culture with your organization.
Your leaders are struggling to forge a connection between their potential, performance, and purpose

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You will enter this transformative leadership engagement with your Leadership Challenge clearly defined and completing your ADULT SWOT.