Building High Performance Teams

Uncovering Synergies that lie beyond silos

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5 Ways To Build High Performing Teams

Teaming is the single most underleveraged opportunity for organizations to accelerate towards their vision. It is important for organizations to tap into the power and potential of teaming, to unleash synergy across the organization.

How can you build a cross functional team which delivers superior results?
As a manager how can you tap the potential of each team member for larger collective results?
When you see an opportunity do you encourage team members to move out of their comfort zone and let them shine?
How can you build a cohesive team that aligns to common vision and consistently meets the commitments?
Do they feel psychologically safe, before being pushed out of their comfort zones to excel?
How can you create a culture that promotes achievement orientation and camaraderie/ bonhomie among team members?
Am I comfortable with my team members, do I trust them to deliver results on time?
How can I overcome the dysfunctions of teams and build a healthy work environment?

High Performing Teams widen possibilities for innovation

Building high performing teams is an aspiration of every leader. But most times the reality is different – we see in many organizations’ groups masquerading as teams. Individual goals and egos are at clash with the overall collective vision and team outcomes.

A high performing team bridges the gap between potential and success. A high performing team member displays humility, hunger, drive and motivation to excel, in addition to being comfortable with engaging in constructive politics.

Every team comprises of diverse individuals with different motivators and beliefs, working styles, capabilities, biases and drive to achieve goals. Now bringing such diverse teams together to realise importance of teamwork and leadership and getting them to achieve their potential is a skill.

We work with leaders and teams to

build a culture of psychological safety,
vulnerability powered trust,
clarity and commitment,
compassionate accountability; and
intrapreneurial mindset
The idea is to provide teams the right balance between giving each other the space to achieve more and prioritising collective results over individual achievements.

How can we help you?

Global Coaching Lab can help you identify, nurture, and grow high potential employees within your organization. We can co-design a journey to build a cohesive unit of highly skilled HiPo workers across functions who can collectively achieve mission mode projects.

We could empower your managers with the arsenal to manage HiPos better. We could create a positive work environment for team effectiveness to sustain and grow the momentum.

Our coaching-centred approach helps to accelerate teams navigating their cultural complexities and helping leaders to get the best out of them.

Build leaders who can think holistically on their challenges and aspirations by interconnecting a set of perspectives in a team.
Build the overall capability for groups to become teams and for teams to cross boundaries and for organizations to work with their ecosystem.
Address common skill gaps in a team identified either through the coaching engagement or through an independent assessment.

What can you achieve?


We help you define collective mission and goals for your teams


You will understand the power of neuroscience and psychology to help team members understand differences and irrational behaviours better


Your will find out what spurs teams to seek a higher order of aspiration


Your teams will confront their dysfunctions & to evolve in an environment of vulnerability-based trust. 


Your teams will spend considerable time to build a mindset of productive conflict, and learning to be consciously hard on the issue and soft on the person. 


Your teams will learn to respect behaviour styles for every team member, thereby building a culture of diversity and inclusion. 


Learn some of the world class psychology principles like Transactional Analysis, Drama Triangles, and Unconscious Ego Defense Mechanisms, to understand how psychology influences team behaviour. 


Your teams will learn to set clear expectations and learn the art of defining a set of give-gets. 


How did you empower your team this week, on their journey to become better than you?

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