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The subtle and ethical art of self-promotion for building your own personal brand
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The subtle and ethical art of self-promotion for building your own personal brand

In a world that thrives through following trends and herd instincts, it is important to stand out and align your performance, potential and aspirations.

To achieve key aspirations, women need to be stand differentiated and leverage their strengths to get more, overcoming the biases they are subjected to. Far removed from the conventional marketing approach of building one’s brand, this program offers a holistic approach to women enabling them to establish a sense of identity in this world.

Understanding the psychological dimensions of men and women professionals through our works in the space of leadership development, and also from scoring through expert research on behavioural sciences – we know that the predominant biological nature of women is ‘We Centric’ and not ‘I Centric’. This evolutionary trait in women professionals has now made it highly necessary for women to find the right ways to create, nurture and promote their unique personal identity-brand.

How can I find a differentiating factor in a world of lookalikes?
How do I become visible for key projects in a competitive VUCA world?
How will my work help me gain sponsors and allies?
How do I build trust among my network and showcase my expertise?
How to overcome self-doubts on showcasing a unique personal brand?
How to handle unconscious biases with clarity and conviction?
How to discover meaning and purpose to lead fulfilling lives?

How can we help you?

We encourage women to find an identity, differentiating factor and work consciously towards building their own brand.

A personal brand is a sure-fire way to get promoted. Women with a personal brand are more likely to attract sponsors and get tapped for important projects. In tough times, chances of gaining a different job is linked to the strength of your brand.

We help women overcome their  social conditioning and self-limiting beliefs, allowing them to understand and appreciate the various nuances of building their personal brand.

The engagement covers the foundations, pillars, accelerators, and multipliers of your personal brand in a way that informs, entertains, and stretches your knowledge and application.

Your brand foundations include the physical aspects of your brand and includes insights on how your physique amplifies your gravitas and executive presence.
Your brand pillars include everything that is related to your communication – the way you speak, look and act.
Your brand accelerators include your ability to discover and leverage your values, showcase expertise, and gain trust and credibility.
Your brand multipliers include your ability to multiply and create more of yourself through the power of your personal network and your social network.

We specifically call these programs as interventions as it combines workshops, coaching, mentoring and projects to translate intention to action to results for women to move courageously into leadership.

What can you achieve?


Your women will recognize that everybody else’s perception is their reality – and they have a great role to play in how others perceive them.


Women will understand the interconnections between their body and mind and leverage each other’s contribution to build their brand.


Women will appreciate the interplay of physiology and psychology as they increase their awareness and appreciation for their personal brand.


Women will be exposed to best practices that work – subtle nuances that maximize their  impact, every time they interact with people.

Do you like yourself? If not, how are you increasing your ‘deservability’ in your own eyes?

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