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6 amid-layoffs-here-is-how-you-can-sharpen-your-teams-business-acumen-skills-and-motivate-them-to-accomplish-fresh-goals
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Amid Layoffs, Here Is How You Can Sharpen Your Team’s Business Acumen Skills and Motivate Them to Accomplish Fresh Goals

In today’s BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear, Incomprehensible) environment, business acumen and conversational intelligence are essential capabilities for leaders.

From being ‘A manager’ to becoming ‘The leader’ requires the ability to have an in-depth understanding of multiple facets that connects the business and its environment. The ability to converse in the language of business, calculate in the language of money and influence with integrity is becoming a necessity for leaders to thrive in this competitive environment.

The ability to connect the dots from your work to its monetary impact to the larger organizational vision is an important component of leadership. Without these critical capabilities, managers and leaders stagnate and slowly become irrelevant.

Leaders with good business acumen have better control over the changing complexities and ambiguities of the business world. Therefore, good business acumen and conversational intelligence clearly impacts the decision making and problem-solving capabilities of leaders in this BANI world.

How can managers become Leaders in this BANI world?
How do leaders get the big picture and connect the dots to business implications and measurable financial impact?
How can your functional leaders converse in the language of KPI, Money, Metrics and Results?
How can your leaders ace in business conversations through their proactive insights and conversational intelligence?
How can your leaders develop political acumen to achieve business results by building constructive stakeholder alliances?

How can we help you?

What has brought leaders to a level may not help them to grow further.

Functional leaders and Subject matter experts who get elevated to senior positions need to elevate themselves as Business leaders. Business Acumen & Conversational Intelligence is curated by Global Coaching Lab to help leaders visualize the big