GCL Cares

Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?. Martin Luther King

Our care shows up through our competency – the ability to coach and the possibility to mentor
Our care shows up across four different areas

Caring for students and their future

– We invest in joint – sessions with the CSR
arms of our customers to engage with colleges in
tier-2 cities and towns to provide them with
communication skills, job readiness skills and
interviewing skills

Caring for women and their empowerment

– We seek out opportunities every month where we
can share our learnings and experiences on what
can empower women to play at a higher level.
This is enabled through our LeanIn Circle on Global
Women Leadership –


Caring for people and their potential

– We set aside 10 ProBono Coaching/Mentoring
sessions a month to empower those who need it the

Caring for the environment and its sustainability – We
believe in the power of 1:3

This means that every human being must give back to mother earth
three times of what we are taking away from her. Among other
initiatives, we gift every attendee at our workshops with a plant that
they can tend to and grow, to create a culture for respect of the
environment and a responsibility for sustainability


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