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Case Studies - Empowering Women into Leadership (EWL)

GCL in partnership with SHRM India (Marketing partner), launched the Empowering Women Leadership series of workshops in June, 2015.

Organizations world over are facing a gender diversity challenge at the Leadership level that threatens their innovation and inclusion goals. A wonderful opportunity exists for women to move into leadership, given a broader diversity agenda and strong organizational focus. This journey to leadership starts with increased self-awareness and rich multi-perspective thinking. This workshop is a beginning to empower women to proactively take action to navigate their path to leadership. It leverages the richness of the works of Philippe Rosinski, whose books are recommended reading at Harvard. In addition, this workshop provides you an opportunity to experience the power of Life-Balance through UBalancer concepts.

What Did We Do?

We encouraged all participants to think through their leadership challenges, and bring them to the workshop. We then guide them through an integrated and holistic framework so they can address their challenges through multiple lenses. In this workshop, participants discovered a powerful approach to help them achieve sustainable progress and meaningful success on their leadership journey. They learnt:

The challenges that our delegates brought to the workshop are :

The program leveraged multiple modes of learning, including experiential activities like dance, voice and theatre, situational fluency exercises, peer coaching, group discussion and individual reflection.

All the delegates felt more empowered with their leadership perspectives depended and broadened, with increased confidence to address other complex issues as they climb the leadership ladder.