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Case Studies - Leading and Differentiating at the Board Level

The Context

Engineer Ahmad Al Balla, the managing director and board member of the world’s largest aquaculture operations NAQUA , in Saudi Arabia, decided to invest 3 days of his time from his busy schedule to join us in the global leadership and coaching seminar in May 2015 in Gurgaon, India.

The value he derived from our leadership program helped him to think beyond just firefighting on operational issues in his business to becoming a strategic visionary leader to his board and business.


The 1:1 coaching engagement was between our executive coach Venkat Subramanyan and Engineer Ahmad Al Balla. Post attending the the global leadership workshop Mr. Ahmad decided to work with our executive coach on a year long coaching engagement that helped him move from being a leader focused on the current to a leader with a vision and conviction for the future.


The rigour that was set up in the system helped the board members and Engineer Ahmad get fresh infusion of capital from investors for their business.