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Case Studies - Team & Culture Integration

The Situation

The Technology Services divisions of one of the largest global consulting organizations were merged in order for their synergies to create better impact and outcome for customers.

While the business and financial justifications for this divisional merger were very clear, the new leader was not so sure about the level of synergy that can be achieved between the two different divisions.

They roped us in to help define a structure and framework for their People and Cultural Integration


After an initial diagnosis with key stakeholders we designed an engagement that focused on four areas:

At the end of our engagement the managers went back empowered with clarity and conviction on the new normal for their merged organization.


From the leader’s perspective they were now clear on who should be on the boat for the new team – They were able to clearly assess those who were not committed to the merger. In addition, every team member felt relieved to have a safe environment to voice their fears, uncertainties and doubts. Moreover, they went back richer with the additional knowledge of their combined goals, execution plans, and constraints for their business. Also, they knew how every team member was different and how to leverage those differences to build a more effective combined team.

It is our belief that this new combined organization is serving its clients much better, thus earning their loyalty.