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Leadership Transformation Coaching Engagements

Outcome: Enabling Leadership Alignment

What We Were Roped In For

In 2015 GCL had the opportunity to engage with the worlds largest aquaculture company, NAQUA based in Al Lith in Saudi Arabia. We were roped in to enable a complete Leadership Transformation program with a number of workshops enhanced with Coaching engagements for its Leadership Team. The goal of this engagement was to bring together the NAQUA leadership team to form a high performance team that achieves more by leveraging individual strengths and its inherent diversity.


Between Nov 2015 till January 2017 we worked with the NAQUA leadership team:


These group and individual coaching engagements also helped the leadership team members to understand people, their behaviours and differences to overcome team dysfunctions leading to their desired results – a high performance team.

Outcome: Enabling Constructive Destruction

An interesting CASE STUDY that highlights the power of coaching that enabled constructive destruction! If you are wondering what is, read ahead…

The Situation

The designer and owner for one of the best-selling haute couture labels in India, attended out first Leadership program in 2014. He was very appreciative of the program’s approach. His learnings and experience from the 3-day workshop encouraged him to work with Global Coaching Lab to facilitate and coach his own leadership team. He was faced with dysfunctions that existed in the system and wanted to leverage coaching to address the challenges.

Their current challenge was to build an export brand for themselves and to tap into the potential of the domestic Indian market.


Some of the key highlights of this engagement:

When we facilitated the leadership team alignment sessions, the leader realised that the people in his team were not the right fit. His leadership team needed to be replaced (he has been working with people who were unwilling to fit into the new vision).

The coaching and facilitation engagements helped the leadership team address the ‘big elephant’ which otherwise was always under the surface.

The coachees realised the rigour that was setting into the system, which compulsorily necessitated them to change, to stay within, or to exit the system.


There was a lot of attrition, however it led to the right people remaining who would align to the organisations vision. We would like to acknowledge the leader –

  • He had the tenacity to go first in every session.
  • He developed new leadership muscles that he was uncomfortable to use earlier.
  • He was the first to showcase vulnerability in the team.
  • He is a leader with a heart and values in the right place.