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Global Leadership and Coaching Seminar (GLACS) - Case Study

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Global Leadership and Coaching Seminar (GLACS) - Case Study


At Global Coaching Lab, we had the privilege and honour of hosting a Global Leadership and Coaching Seminar. We partnered with Prof. Philippe Rosinski, whose international seminal bestseller - "Global Coaching" served as the foundation for this program.

There are plenty of leadership programs available in the market, so why should leaders choose this specific offering from Global Coaching Lab?


We believe that the traditional lenses to leadership development, like the managerial or psychological perspectives are good, but not enough to address the complexities of challenges that leaders have to tackle today. It is our belief that the richness in leadership development lies in the interconnected use of multiple other lenses / perspectives-

  • The physical lens
  • The cultural lens
  • The political lens
  • The spiritual lens, in addition to the managerial and psychological lenses

What did we do?

The first GLACS in India had 16 Global Leaders (included Managing Directors, Regional Vice-Presidents, General Managers, Executive Coaches and the Master Facilitator), come together for 3 days of active
learning, which included the ability to practice and coach, and the ability to practice some of the
fundamental themes of the program with heightened awareness, Each delegate also had the opportunity to complete a detailed pre-work that helped them to think and articulate some their complex leadership challenges.

The spirit of trust and an environment of confidentiality was initially established, so that the challenges
shared would be kept strictly confidential, and the delegates felt that it was a safe environment for them to showcase vulnerability, and benefit from multiple peer-coaching opportunities.

As an extension of our belief that leadership development has to be highly experiential, we had 3 experts
who integrated with us for this program:

Seema Johri from the Physical Perspective - leaders have to move from superficial awareness on fitness and nutrition, to a deeper understanding of the interconnection between health and leadership - in addition to experiencing the benefits of Artistic Yoga over 2 consecutive days,

Dr. Sudhir Kakar from the Psychological Perspective- tapping the unconscious & ego-defence mechanisms.

Priya Venkataraman for the Archetypes - where the leaders realized their underutilized archetypes. This led to a number of "A-Ha" moments in the introspective journey of every leader/coach present.

The various challenges leaders bought to the program were:

  • How do you drive consensus, commitment and results in a multi-stakeholder and multi-cultural environment across Asia?
  • In a transition from a regional role to a global role what perspectives should one keep in mind to accelerate success in the new role?
  • How do you build trust and competence in a workforce that is predominantly unskilled and unused to discipline?
  • How do we develop, grow and retain talent in a high performance team?
  • At the leadership level, how do we resolve the content, delivery and timing of feedback that is tailored to every individual?
  • What are the differentiating capabilities and competencies that a coaching practice should process to become more effective advisors to their clients?
  • How do you effectively manage up without sacrificing your beliefs and compromising on your positions?
  • How do we transform executive coaching from mundane management models to insightful discovery discussions?

What were some of the takeaways for the leaders?

  • Moving away from my limited interpretation of fitness to understanding the gamut of strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and breathing
  • How such a simple concept of Situational Leadership can have profound implications on the way we lead and manage our teams
  • How we became more conscious of the Unconscious and its implications on our decisions
  • How we moved from a superficial understanding of culture to a deep discovery of the differences that matter using the Cultural Orientation Framework
  • How to leverage power and politics in a constructive manner - even more important since I am a woman
  • How it is important to understand the purpose, meaning and unity of ourselves and our contributions

On-going support

A mere 3 day leadership program will only aid in heightening your awareness. Our belief is that
leaders should be supported in the phase where they are able to take action on their awareness, so that
they can land all their key takeaways and learnings. This period of support will help them all build
habits that would become unconsciously embedded in their actions and decisions.

Starting mid-January until June, there will be a community call every month to provide opportunity
for discussing progress, share success stories and also have the opportunity to peer coach. During this
period all our leaders will experience three one-on-one executive coaching sessions with our mentor
Coach to independently track progress and direction, towards their new goals.


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