I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou

Believing in the infinite potential of people, our motto is to collaborate with our global clientele to move them from an epidemic of excuses to a pandemic of possibilities.

Thus making them realize their innate worth and how it can catapult them to pursue excellence.

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Client Engagement Scenario
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Executive Coaching Engagement

Executive Coaching Group Coaching

Executive Coaching Customer Partner
Coaching Engagement

Leadership impact Building “Global”

Building Global Leaders in a Telecom Network Equipment Multinational

Customer Situation

Our client is among the world's leading network equipment providers with tremendous potential for growth. Their India leader wanted his leadership team to rise to the next level of their potential, and therefore, signed up all of them into the Global Leadership and Coaching Workshop

Our Engagement

Global Leadership and Coaching Workshop requires every leader to come in with their personal leadership challenge, so that they are able to land their learnings within their immediate business context. The workshop covers six different perspectives of leadership, with experiential activities for each perspective, followed by reflection, application, and peer coaching - all connected to their leadership challenge. With every perspective, all leaders assessed how much they knew, but never applied or translated into action. They also learnt new principles, concepts and frameworks that would help them become more effective leaders. Bringing it all together was a session on Archetypes, which helped them, through the power of music and dance to explore and tap into their infinite emotional potential.

Customer Outcome

The success of any leadership effectiveness engagement can only be measured by the success of the leaders themselves. Two of the five leaders have since more to handle regional roles at the Asia levels, while the other leaders have widened their portfolios.

What they have now is a set of archetypes, tools and frameworks that help them better understand their environment, as well as proactively plan to thrive in their changing environment. The biggest takeaway for most of these leaders was the ability to engage in Constructive Politics, by building Power and engaging in Service.

Leadership impact Building A Coaching

Coaching transition into transformation

Customer Situation

One among the big 4 management consulting firms wanted to embed coaching as part of their DNA to inform their execution and aspiration. Their current approach to coaching was haphazard with leaders deciding who needed to be coached. Most often coaching was provided as an opportunity to confront and address behavioural dysfunctions on the part of the coachee. As a firm they were also struggling to realize measurable returns from their investments in executive coaching.

Our Engagement

From our experience we knew that the fulcrum for focus within coaching engagements needed to shift during the course of the engagement. As the needle shifts from the coachee to their teams and to their critical stakeholders, the investments in coaching start to show up in team outputs and project advances that can then be tracked to calculate ROI.

Customer Result

The easiest part of customer results was the acknowledgements from every coachee that their experience was life changing. The tougher aspects were in their transition for mindful application of coaching to crucial conversations with teams and stakeholders. Their maximum learning came in this area of application. Many of our coachees were grateful for our feedback and coaching as they confronted these different situations using their coaching lenses. The customer were pleasantly surprised to see specific KPIs getting reported as improvements from these coaching engagements. Efforts are afoot to now broaden the scope of coaching to include more leaders so that they could embed the power of coaching even deeper within the firm.

Leadership impact Integrating Your Slt
( Senior Leadership Team)

Customer Situation

The CEO of a large commodity manufacturer was worried – his manufacturing units were working perfectly they were the leader in their segment. However, the lack of team work and coordination between the head office and the units was sapping energy and engagement. He wanted to stem the rot before it started showing up on the balance sheet. This was a precursor for developing his slate for succession.

Our Engagement

Teams that work together should learn and engage together. We designed a number of bi-monthly engagements that brought the entire leadership team together. The in-person workshops were interspersed with multiple coaching sessions with leaders so that they could connect their reality to the larger organizational aspiration.

Customer results

The very act of bringing everybody together to align on a higher aspiration broke down some walls between the leaders. Helping them understand their similarities and differences deepened their appreciation for each other. Once this foundation of trust was established, an atmosphere of constructive tension was consciously applied to get them to articulate their unspoken issues. Tactful facilitation ensured that ideas were surfaced but not personalized so that the tough issues could be addressed. Diverse project teams were formed to drive progress against cross-functional projects that would showcase increased collaboration and team-work. Values, norms and guidelines were developed to ensure greater transparency and accountability.

The customer now acknowledges that they are able to drive a higher order of business results on account of the senior leadership team coming together to work as a team.

Leadership impact Cxo

“From the frying pan to the fire” – Coaching Leadership Succession

Customer Situation

The scion of a large IT conglomerate in the Middle East was poised to take over as the Managing Director. However, it was felt he was not yet ready to take out the mantel. That is when, he reached out to his network to discover who could coach him to his next rung of leadership. Based on the recommendations received, he decided to work with us.

Our Engagement

Over fifteen sessions across six months, this Executive Director worked with one of our coaches to broaden and deepen his capabilities to lead and inspire. Starting with his ability to understand the dynamics of the board to the necessities of building a strategy and executing flawlessly, he utilized his coaching sessions to understand the interconnections between people, money and technology.

Customer results

It was no surprise that our coachee became the Managing Director of the entire group. The best part was that this decision was taken unanimously by the board. It was felt that he was no ready to balance pragmatism with idealism and to understand people and politics to drive the organization to its next summit. The new Managing Director immediately took it upon himself to nominate his leadership team to work with us to enhance their leadership quotient.

Leadership impact Amplifying Executive

How the mouse became the lion – Elevating Executive Presence

Customer Situation

A newly elevated Partner in a Management Consulting Firm had a strange problem. He felt he was the lion when he was working with his team and felt he became a mouse in front of the firm’s leadership team. His awareness only heightened his inadequacies and he decided to use his coaching engagement with us to address this situation.

Our Engagement

As part of our coaching we explored his mindset and his unspoken fears and belief systems. This greater clarity allowed our coachee to discover his root causes for his apparent subservience in front of his leadership team. With awareness comes choice and we now started working with him on how he could adopt a warrior mindset. This meant significant improvement in his physique, and greater level of preparation for leadership meetings that improved his confidence.

Customer Result

Our coaching helped the partner to build a greater level of self-trust, that allowed him to engage spontaneously in leadership team discussions. More often than not he discovered that leading from the front actually allowed him to achieve more in leadership settings.

His chairman was quick to notice the change and created him on his transformation. The partners added gravitas has now enabled him to move higher in the organization with many more partners reporting into him.

When competency meets presence, potential gets amplified.

Leadership impact Young Ceo

Customer Situation

This young CEO was less than ten years out of university. He and his band of friends from university had a incubated a technology start-up which had its initial set of early adopters. When customer acquisition started plateauing and declining they decided to reach out to us, so that they could be coached to achieve more as an organization.

Our Engagement

Our engagement focussed on their top four leaders, and we coached them as a group. Through the power of coaching they realized how much they knew and how much more they needed to know. This heightened level of awareness allowed them to make critical organizational changes and to re-orient their organization towards net new customer acquisitions.

In addition to focussing on net new customers, they wanted to secure a marque win that would set them up as a good take-over target. Some of our coaching focussed on their ability to secure this marque deal.

Customer Outcomes

There were a number of outcomes for the CEO and the leadership team.

  • 1. The CEO realized that friendship, camaraderie and capability were only one part of the equation. They needed to understand the other parts of strategy, people, money and technology.
  • 2. Every session resulted in a number of aha moments that the CEO and the team went back to immediately implement – these included simple elements of strategy, execution, performance management and organizational design.
  • 3. The young CEO realized his own capability gaps in his leadership style and enrolled himself in our Global Leadership and Coaching Workshop, to significantly expand his leadership perspectives and possibilities.
  • 4. Strategizing and winning a multi-million dollar marque deal was a significant learning for the team in how they needed to plan, prioritize and sequence their customer engagement.
  • 5. The summation of all of these learnings led to their buy out which significantly increased their equity.

Team Effectiveness Transforming Groups
into Teams

Transforming Groups into Teams to power a higher joint vision

Customer Situation

One of the Big 4 Consulting Firms decided to merge two technology advisory teams to synergize their efforts to ensure economies of scale, while addressing the untapped opportunities across their common customer base. While the economics of integration was very clear, the people and cultural integration was a challenge and they decided to bring in Global Coaching Lab to synergize the two teams.

Our Engagement

When teams come together, there is often a sense of fear, uncertainty, doubt, scepticism or inertia associated with the move - without its identification and resolution, teamwork becomes impossible. We worked with both the teams to identify the dysfunctions that could hold them back. Once a certain modicum of trust was established, we then helped them define a vocabulary to describe how every person was different and then sequence those differences to achieve more together. Given the intellectual capital within the firm, they embraced these different experiences with gusto and were able to reflect on their significance and impact. Finally, allowing them to confront the risks that could potentially hold them back, gave them the opportunity to balance pragmatism with optimism to define a way forward towards their collective goals and higher aspirations.

Customer Result

Greater awareness drives better choices – they discovered that their perceptions of each other was gloomier than the reality. As a team, when they discovered that there is a vocabulary to describe differences and a higher vision that could synergize them, they were motivated to confront the risks of their integration. Risks that related to people perceptions and competencies, client engagements and commitments and future potential risks were all discussed to discover a higher normal for the combined team. This combined team has now significantly expanded to become a critical value add to the overall firm portfolio.

Team Effectiveness Business Acumen &

Better business outcomes by investing in business acumen

Customer Situation

The Global Delivery Center of a large management consulting multinational wanted to invest in their senior managers to build their capabilities around business orientation and finance orientation for them to increase their services penetration with their global member firms. Increasing this level of penetration will allow the Firm to increase its profitability while also helping the Global Delivery Center break even faster.

Our Engagement

Our intervention included a number of face-to-face workshops which morphed into a set of calendarized VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) workshops. The managers brought in their largest customers and their most critical stakeholders so that they could learn the concepts of business acumen, financial acumen and conversational intelligence within the scope of their day to day execution.

Multiple exercises and cross team role plays helped them apply their new skills into practices that transformed their confidence and showcased their potential.

Customer Result

The initial pilot of these workshops was so successful that our client decided to invest in a larger role out that covered hundreds of managers. In order to cater to managers operating in multiple locations across Asia, Europe and LATAM, our client requested us to switch to a VILT format in mid 2019 that helped us expand the scope and impact of our engagement.

Participants acknowledged the value of their learning and also appreciated the constructive tension within the workshop that allowed them to achieve more. Even experienced leaders, with over twenty years of experience, lauded the simplicity and sophistication of the content and conduct of these workshops.

Team Effectiveness Facilitating three-year
planning for your
leadership team

Building a three-year plan that actually delivers.

Customer Situation

The Indonesia subsidiary of one of the world’s largest software multinationals wanted to ensure that they developed a three-year plan that truly reflected market potential. Previous annual efforts had been mostly internally driven with lack luster follow-up and not much progress in market share. They believed that a facilitated process would help them achieve more and they turned to Tripura to help them with the process.

Tripura Engagement

We designed an engagement that allowed the top leaders to understand the divergent perspectives everybody had on the market and its potential. This then helped them during the workshop to first decide on a common aspiration that everyone would feel inspired and motivated by. The next step was to ensure that leaders understood their similarities and differences so that they could leverage their differences to achieve more for every project that supported their aspiration. We also took them through a series of experiences by way of which they were able to translate their vision into specific goals, strategies, metrics, measures and milestones. We also leveraged Black Hat Thinking to identify future potential risks that need to be mitigated as the teams translated strategy into execution.

Customer Outcomes

The subsidiary leader was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the output at the end of two days. This was far beyond their expectations and it earned them appreciation from the Region for a higher order of aspiration, supported by a solid set of strategies. Their ability to have meaningful conversations with their regional leaders on investments and outcomes led to a higher order of investment for the Indonesian subsidiary. The acceleration that they received on account of their strong strategies helped them front load their performance, so much so the Covid-19 crisis did not make a significant dent in their growth numbers.

Women Empowerment Empowering Women
into Leadership

Customer Situation

Dearth of diversity at the top and the dismal pipeline of diverse talent is the lament within many organizations and our client was no exception. With less than 6% representation of Women in their Partnership Pool, there was a crying need to empower the next generation of women leaders to play at the partner level. This is when they turned to Global Coaching Lab to design and develop an intervention that would empower more women into partnership.

Our Engagement

Empowering Women into Leadership - Any engagement on empowerment needs to be holistic, interconnected and comprehensive. This was the approach we utilized with our client women Leaders, wherein we exposed every women leader to possibilities of six perspectives – the physical, the managerial, psychological, cultural, political and spiritual perspectives. Working through these six perspectives helped the women leaders frame their business case and personal case for partnership even better. Significant opportunities for cross group collaboration, peer coaching, roleplaying and mock presentations helped every woman leader stretch to their full potential.

Client Result

Women representation within the partnership pool has doubled and is moving well to its global trajectory of 30% women representation among partners.

Women Empowerment Building your
Personal Brand

We are happy to share a couple of instances where we engaged with women professionals to empower them to confidently create their personal brand.

The ‘Lean In’ chapter in Singapore which compromises of over 5000 members conducted a survey to ensure that chapter meetings were tailored to address the right needs of its members. The findings showed that women professionals were seeking a new and better way to build their personal brand. We had the opportunity to address their members on this topic, where we manoeuvred away from the typical marketing lens that personal branding usually receives, to helping them think of their brand across four powerful dimensions – Foundations, Pillars, Accelerators and Multipliers.

This approach gave a fresh lens to the topic where participants shared the feedback that they felt it was a much more ‘grounded and actionable’ approach to build their personal branding. The participants also mentioned that clarity we provided through this structured approach helped them takeaway clear actions.

We also had a panel of experts who could connect the dots across the 4 four powerful dimensions and contribute their expert mentoring that made the session truly valuable and action oriented.

While we were working with one of the world’s Big 4 Accounting and Advisory firms, to empower their women directors to move into partnership - one of the most important dimensions for them was their brand, and its perception by others.

We created an interesting model within the larger leadership program that helped the participating women professionals, to ‘hot seat’ their personal brand in the context of their larger contributions and receive feedback from our expert facilitator and also their highly supportive leadership team.

The participants found immense value in these sessions, which subsequently contributed to lessening their time gap to partnership.

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