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Coaching Solutions

Global Coaching Lab's Coaching Solutions have been built on our firm beliefs:

  • In the infinite power of coaching as it addresses the possibility mind-set
  • That trainings followed by coaching have sustained outcomes in behaviours, skills and mind-sets
  • Our clients and workshop participants have told us that our unique strength is the ability to leverage coaching as the fulcrum for all the training and development engagements. The coaching readiness that we build through our various solutions has brought out more ‘champions of coaching’ rather than ‘prisoners of coaching’

We encourage you to go through each of these programs to connect their relevance to your individual or organisational requirements, in order to help you take a better informed decision. To connect the need of this program to your context, we have presented the information in a manner that will aid your decision making:

Do leverage on our capability and expertise to customise programs to suit your individual and organisational needs. We hope that this spend of your time to review and decide has been meaningful and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

Our Coaching Solutions:
Executive Coaching Solutions
Individual Coaching
Team/Group Coaching
ROI of Coaching
Our Assessment
Leadership Coaching Solutions
Global Leadership & Coaching Seminar
Leading and Differentiating at the Board Level
Team and Culture Integration
Intelligences at Play
Building your Executive Presence
Applied Learning
Leader as a Coach
Building your Business and Financial Acumen
Woman Coaching Solutions
VIP Women
Empowering Women Into Leadership
Personal Branding
Associate Intern Leadership Program
Student Life Balance
Sustainable Leadership
Adult Life Balance