Content Designer & Curator​

Content is King”: You delight in the ability to structure content and align it in a way that learners find it valuable and fun. You have deep insights into the psychology of learning, and the pragmatism of training and coaching. You believe that content curation is your opportunity to amplify your impact on thousands of learners across the world – both online and offline.

With the world exploding with information, there is a crying need to simplify, synthesize, and sequence information. Translating information into insights and stitching together those insights into a learning module has the potential to powerfully transform performance for individuals and organizations. Combined with research and online distribution, content has the potential to multiply its value across different audiences.

As the content curator for Global Coaching Lab, you would

  • Possess a background in pedagogy, psychology and/or behavioural economics which would help you to construct content that captivates – both online and offline
  • Ideally have a background in Journalism and Digital publishing that presupposes excellent spoken and written communication skills
  • Can build course content by bringing together, theory, research, experiences and gamification to make the content compelling to the learner
  • Run mini-research projects leveraging interns to build a set of new/different/counter-intuitive insights that would reframe reality for organizations and individuals, that can be shared as bite-sized insights over the web periodically
  • Have the drive and the knack to engage with senior decision makers to interview and solicit information and insights, from their experience, that could be published on our platform
  • Generate content for publishing on various social media platforms to multiply our brand visibility through engaging content (snippets, blogs, videos etc)
  • Have the ability to design “beginner/intermediate/advanced” level courses for all market offerings so that these courses could be graded to different audiences
  • Possess the ability to leverage content across offline and online platforms to amplify reach and scale the impact of the content – “develop once, leverage multiple times”
  • Need to participate in customer workshops and engagements to understand the “landing” of content and fine-tune it progressively for greater, continuous impact
  • In partnership with the Marketing and Technology teams, create a monetizable platform for content that is constantly refreshed for its freshness and insights

The Content Curator position would be based in India and would report to the Director for Innovation and Partnerships. Peripheral intelligence, Business and Financial Acumen and the ability to communicate with clarity would be essential for this role.
Content Designer and Curator
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  • How does this role align to my larger career goals?
  • What are your top ideas around content monetization?

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