Creative Technology Specialist

You have a passion for technology combined with a flair for creativity. This role blends the possibilities of creativity and technology together. Specifically, the role of the Creative Technology Specialist would cover the following accountabilities:

  • Be responsible for a responsive website in terms of content layout, creatives as well as website maintenance
  • Infuse creativity into the design and details within the websites – page layouts, content layouts, navigation design, SEO optimization etc.
  • Develop corporate collaterals that are aesthetically pleasing and visually aligned including communication materials, client proposals and engagement materials that enables and empowers the successful delivery of client workshops
  • Develop Brand Building and Digital Marketing strategies, leveraging the power of creative and visual mediums, that contributes to the generation of additional business opportunities for the organizations
  • Work closely with the Website, Content and Marketing teams to contribute effectively to the Monetizable Content Platform that is proposed to be launched by the organizations by November 2020. This platform will house a wealth of thought leadership and thought diversity content, that will provide insights, and enable knowledge enhancement and skills development for professionals and leaders.
  • Ensure effective and timely delivery of corporate communication collaterals like newsletter, visuals infographics and other ad hoc communications artefacts that would help us stay connected with customers in their developmental journeys.
  • Possess the ability to understand and work across cultures in a highly professional environment that respects and supports integrity, diversity, authenticity and creativity

Some of the skills and capabilities that will ensure success in this role in our business environment are:

  • Creative curiosity coupled with an ability to understand business demands in order to deliver timely and effective visual collaterals
  • An ability to think differently and beyond the superficial (i.e.) the ability to peel the onion to get to the heart of the communication through the power of visuals
  • A learner’s mindset coupled with cognitive agility to match up to business demands
  • Willingness to contribute and add value as a team player, focussed on collective results, and
  • Having the ability to stretch and redefine status quo


  • Bachelors or Master’s in Computers & Design from a reputed Technology and Design Institution
  • Knowledge in Adobe Suite, MS Office Suite and other creative/website design software is a must
  • Having 2 to 5 years of professional experience is an added advantage
  • Awareness of Interdisciplinary communication design including design thinking
  • Effective business communication and professional skills

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