Cross Cultural Competence and Intelligence

Creativity and innovation thrive under diversity and cultural competence

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How Does Diversity In The Workplace Benefit An Organisation?

In a multicultural world, it is important for leaders to build diversity in their perspectives and inclusivity in their engagements. The first step is to build a vocabulary to discover how people are different. This is then leveraged to look at how (remove those) differences could be sequenced to achieve more as a team and as an organization.

You are a MNC operating across the globe and your people are unable to seamlessly gel with their counterparts in different regions. How are you going to deal with it?
As a CHRO you realize the power and potential of diversity. How can your teams leverage their similarities and differences to achieve more?
Culture is eating strategy for breakfast. You are keen to fix the cultural differences before it goes out of hand.
You are advising a client on a M&A. How can the pangs of people integration be addressed better?
You are an organization recently merged with another organization. How can you manage the people and cultural integration to achieving results?
Your onsite consultants are struggling to understand the cultural nuances of their parent organization. How can they tide over the cultural crisis?

Cultural intelligence widens possibilities for people

There are two lenses to cultural intelligence:

How can individual differences in team members be leveraged successfully?
When teams are working beyond borders, how do you bridge cultural gaps and work towards achieving greater results?

While technology helps to bridge communication gaps, it does not always make navigation of cultural differences smooth. We help you to understand that differences are important and thereby leverage the differences and create cross cultural awareness. Only when we understand these differences can we achieve greater results in limited time.

How can we help you?

For a greater success of this intervention, we leverage the seminal best-selling book of Philippe Rosinski, especially his trademarked Cultural Orientations Framework assessment.

We work with leaders and their teams to address the fundamentals and foundations of Culture in the context of team effectiveness. This helps them to welcome and appreciate similarities and differences that exist within team members.

While appreciation of the cultural differences  helps teams to accept each other, it is important to look beyond to encourage ways in which  cultural differences become force multipliers for team performance

The workshop focuses on the cultural perspective in the context of a broader vision. This interactive and experiential workshop gives participants a unique opportunity to learn about new methodologies and application of new tools to sustainably develop leaders and nurture teams.

What can you achieve?


Your leaders, managers, and their teams are now ready to integrate the cross-cultural dimension into their daily leadership practices and principles.


Your teams become aware of their own cross-cultural orientations, learn to identify others’ orientations, and effectively bridge cultural gaps


Your teams learn to Engaging in their Own High-performance and High-fulfilment Journey


Your teams begin to explore attitudes vis-à-vis cultural differences from ethnocentrism to leveraging cultural diversity


Your teams decipher cultural differences and identify new growth opportunities outside one’s cultural comfort zone and through the synthesis of differences, the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF)

How is cross cultural diversity helping your organization become smarter, faster, and better?

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