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There is a huge opportunity for  empowering women managers and leaders who could be role models for other women to work, contribute and thrive. While there are  conversations around how woman can aspire and climb the corporate ladder, a lot of issues around their burnout and dilemmas get ignored. This leads to many women dropping out of leadership roles and minimizing their goals.

In recent times, organizations are facing a gender diversity challenge at the leadership level that threatens their innovation and inclusion goals. This is where our program seeks to make a big difference, preparing women to don a leader’s hat and acing the balancing act.

Leadership is a journey, which is not predicated only on gender. It is the awareness and choice of specific masculine and feminine traits and their interplay within situations, that provide the opportunities to progress towards Leadership. Our Empowering Women into Leadership engagement empower women with multiple perspectives, so that they can exercise their best choices and proactively take action to navigate their path to Leadership.

Are your woman managers getting the right opportunities to display their leadership skills?
Are your women managers and leaders having support and nurture to care for their physical and emotional foundations?
How are you helping your women managers and leaders to understand psychology and neuroscience to manage and lead teams?
How can your female talent manage the cultural and political complexities and navigate their path to leadership?
How are your female talent consciously connecting the dots across their performance, potential and purpose?
How are your women professionals handling the complexities of today’s work force and acing the balancing act?
How can your future female talent creatively find their meaning, purpose and unity and lead fearlessly?

How can we help you?

Empowering Women into Leadership is a responsibility, which we take seriously. Therefore, this engagement is designed based on the globally acclaimed best seller “Global Coaching” by Philippe Rosinski.  The learning path is enriched through a series of perspectives that provide the woman leaders with the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and behaviours , to apply the learning to their current challenges and benefit sustainable outcomes.

In the Physical perspective, we engage in activities that gives women professionals the appreciation for the condition of their own bodies, and its implications on their self-leadership.

In the Managerial perspective, we provide multiple frameworks and situations that help women managers to translate their new-found knowledge to real-life situations, thus improving their situational fluency.

In the Psychological perspective, we provide opportunities to role-play interpersonal situations, to help women develop competency to handle irrational behaviours with emotional maturity and poise.

In the Political perspective, women will learn how to build Power, so that you can engage in Constructive Politics to achieve their goals, together with others.

In the Cultural Perspective, women managers gain access to a powerful vocabulary to understand people and differences, and to build a plan to leverage differences to achieve more with their teams.

In the Spiritual perspective, explore the unchartered possibilities on how they can lead with meaning, purpose and unity.

This intervention is a thoroughly researched and comprehensive approach to developing your female talent. Therefore, it blends the learnings and experiences for women to tap into the logical orientation of the left brain along with the creative orientation of the right brain.

We specifically call these programs as interventions as it combines workshops, coaching, mentoring and projects to translate intention to action to results for women to move courageously into leadership.

What can you achieve?


Your women leaders will go back richer, having gained the invaluable ability to look at your challenges and possibilities through multiple perspectives.


Your women leaders will understand their own physical limitations, and the implications of those limitations on their Leadership journey.


Your women leaders will learn to reflect every week on the choices they need to make, on how they assign time, across multiple roles in life. These deliberate choices will help them lead a more balanced and purpose centric life.


Your woman leaders will become more situationally fluent and understand flexing to different styles within their teams, breaking dysfunctions within teams and learning the art of managing up along with cultural intelligence


Your woman managers will understand the dynamics between human beings at a deeper level and will be in a better position and understand and act with emotional and intellectual maturity.


Your women leaders will learn how to get proactive about their ability to gain power to be of service.


Your women leaders will also build a plan to move from inaction to thoughtful, proactive actions to navigate their growth through constructive politics.


Your woman leaders with explore the possibilities of their leadership through insightful activities, that includes dance, drama and theatre, in an environment of trust and positivity to grow their leadership.

Are you an equitable woman leader? How important is approval of others in your practice of leadership?

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6 questions every woman professional should ask their manager


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