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Empowering Women Into Leadership


There is a huge opportunity for empowering women managers and leaders who could be role models for other women to work, contribute and thrive. Organizations are facing a gender diversity challenge at the Leadership level that threatens their innovation and inclusion goals.

In addition to building the knowledge and skills for women to move into Leadership, organizations also need to reduce the perception gap in organizations that see women as less capable, and therefore hold limited growth potential. With less than 10% Board representation on average, there is tremendous opportunity for women to move into Leadership.

An Harvard Business Review article that provides further context – Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers

Our Belief

We believe that leadership is a journey, which is not predicated only on gender. It is the awareness and choice of specific masculine and feminine traits and their interplay within situations, that provide the opportunities to progress towards Leadership.

This workshop is a beginning to empower women with multiple perspectives, to address their complexities and challenges in a constructive manner – having the right skillset, toolset and mind-set to better manage their own growth and development to leadership.

Some Question to think critically

How would you feel if you had the capability to engage in, and navigate, power and politics?
How would you feel if you had the answers to better managing teams and their differences?
How often do you feel you have the tools to handle irrational beliefs and behaviours – self, and from others?
How many times do you feel ‘stuck’ and wish you had access to some newer and better ways to manage your team, peers and managers?
How much more can you achieve if you knew how build a connection between your mind, body and your leadership?


The multifaceted approach of this program, will help you understand and learn:

The dynamics between human beings and comprehend why some people behave the way they do.

How to address biases, identify and overcome your self-limiting beliefs.

Become more situationally fluent as a manager as you understand flexing to different styles within your team.

Overcome team dysfunctions and learn the art of managing up.

Reflect every week on the choices you need to make, how you assign time across your multiple roles in life.

Get proactive about your ability to navigate your growth through constructive politics.

Lead a more balanced and purposeful life.

Empowering Women into Leadership