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Executive Coaching Solutions

What defines a good/effective coaching engagement?

From the Coachee’s perspective

The Coachee shows willingness for the coaching intervention
The Coachee has the benefit of a 360 assessment or various stakeholders’ feedback prior to the engagement
When there is active feedback and participation from the sponsors within the organization
The ability to build new skills, behaviours and habits that others acknowledge through the visible results

From the Organisation’s Perspective

  • Rapidly scale the impact and RoI of your coaching initiatives
  • Shifting from the cost/investment lens to the value lens

At Global Coaching Lab we guarantee that every coaching intervention that we undertake to provide the value the effectiveness for the coachee and the organisation – moving away from the tyranny of the OR to the power of the AND

Our executive Coaching Engagements are across

Individual Coaching

  • Executive Coaching
  • Cross-cultural/diversity coaching
  • Solopreneur/Entrepreneurial Coaching

Team/Group Coaching

  • Leadership Team Alignment
  • Sales Coaching

ROI of Coaching

To help the coachee build measures and metrics to track the effectiveness of the engagement.

Our Assessment

  • A2I Assessment to Insights
  • Phychometric Assessment

Our Core Strengths