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Building Your Executive Presence

From Awareness to Results

The Context

According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, senior managers who aspire to move up to the C-suite were asked what it takes to get there. Their answer was simple – executive presence.

80% of the leaders whom we coach, have been provided feedback that they need to improve their Executive Presence. What is shocking, is that 100% of these leaders, have not been provided with the next few levels of detail on what specifically they need to improve. This puts leaders in a position of want, but unclear on the means.

TED Talk by Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Our Belief

Where there is clarity, there is conviction, direction and action. Especially in the case of Executive Presence, it’s our belief that leaders need better clarity on what specifically they need to improve. It’s also our belief that Executive Presence is a learned skill and it is built by stepping out of the zone of fear consciously – Every person can be the Lion that needs no introduction in the forest. Gravitas can be in every person’s grasp should they desire it deeply.

Some Questions to Think Critically

You somehow feel people respect your position at work more than you as a person outside of work – what is the missing ingredient here?
You have a game-changer plan for your business, and present it to your CEO. He is hugely unimpressed – what really is the gap between your merit and success?
You are a leader, but nobody looks up to you to be playing at the next level – what really is going wrong here?
You are smart, you are intelligent, however you get the feeling that you are perceived lesser in your leadership setting – what really is happening?


Every individual now understands the specific component of their presence that they need to work on, and where they fit on the maturity model for Executive Presence. Comprehensive peer feedback also helps them to consciously uplift their presence in specific high stake situations. In some cases, 1:1 coaching allows them the ability to reflect and playback each situation so they could operate at a higher level of awareness and choice in their next high stakes meeting.

Deconstructing Executive Presence