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Innovation & Growth is Led through Multiplier Mindsets

Perspectives from a sustainability leader on connecting the dots between people profits and planet
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Perspectives from a sustainability leader on connecting the dots between people, profits and planet

The pace of change is incomprehensible and the expectations from leaders to stay ahead of the change has become a necessity. Today, businesses that do not embrace a growth mindset and innovation may soon become irrelevant.

We have created a distinctive programme for managers and leaders that combines people-centricity with growth-centricity. Leaders become force multipliers when they can bring out the best in their teams and their people.

With global workforce challenges like burnout, quiet quitting, great resignation and low levels of employee engagement, this will be a game-changer program for leaders, managers and high performing talent and teams.

Helping team members reconnect with their mojo and potential along with an encouraging leadership style, will help them innovate courageously and induce multiplier mindsets.

Are your leaders helping your business be ahead of the change or are they moving along the change or trailing behind change in this dynamic business environment?
How do leaders develop people and customer centricity, while navigating change?
Are your leaders ready to bring out the best in their team members and creating high performing teams to address your growth demands?
Are your leaders allowing for diverse modes of thinking in their teams, that helps them come out with differentiated approaches to solve complex customer and business challenges?
Are your leaders struggling to achieve fully engaged and motivated teams to sustain team momentum to achieve goals?
Are your leaders struggling to inspire your talent?
Are your leaders magnet for fresh talent and thrive in multigenerational teams?

How can we help you?

We empower your leaders to be greater versions of themselves excelling in people growth and centricity. They could become magnets for talent and propel the teams to deliver superior results. This is a powerful intervention that combines the principles of group coaching and executive coaching along with microlearning and practice orientation. We use the power of action learning to drive application and adoption of multiplier mindsets.

The engagement leverages the power of psychology and neuroscience to understand beliefs that hold leaders and their team members from experiencing force multiplier mindsets.

Leaders will also learn to spotlight their team members and be comfortable to elevate the people around them to gain higher order multiplier results, leading to higher growth visibility for the execution team.

The engagement using different modes of thinking models using powerful customised case studies to help leaders understand the new possibilities for their existing and future challenges, thereby becoming force multipliers for collective business results.

What can you achieve?


Your leaders have more potential than what they tap into. Your leaders will move away from incestual working modes to innovative working modes, ready to tackle non-linear business challenges.


Your leaders will learn to apply neuroscience and psychology to motivate and retain talent, which can lead to more high performing teams within your organization.


Your leaders will learn to coach their teams to nurture curiosity, that allows for more team members to step up and create healthy succession pipelines in your organisation.


Your leaders learn to appreciate diverse strengths of team members and through the power of ADULT SWOT drive better innovation within your organisation.


Your leaders learn the art of inspiration through storytelling that helps to spark motivation and mojo in people and teams.


Your leaders learn to become value multipliers to the teams they lead by providing greater clarity and conviction for higher order performance.

How can your leaders talk in the common language of money, KPI, measures, metrics, and milestones?

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