GCL Cares

We believe that transforming people is a divine responsibility!

With a decade of transformational leadership experience, our passion for coaching and mentoring is unwavering. We are committed to not only enhancing organisational performance but using our skills and experience to help everyone tap into their abilities.

Caring for people and their potential

We set aside 10 hours every month for pro-bono coaching and mentoring sessions to empower those who need it the most. This includes women and young leaders who wish to play at a higher level but don’t know where to begin.

Our coaching and mentorship spans the gamut of leadership, communication skills, job readiness skills and interviewing skills. Our coaches can even assist with specific problems that you might want guidance on.

Caring for the environment and its sustainability

Every human being must give back to mother earth three times of what we are taking away from her. Among other initiatives, we gift every attendee at our workshops with a plant that they can tend to and grow. This creates a culture of respect for the environment and a responsibility for sustainability.



Caring for women and their empowerment

We believe Women are Force Multipliers and hence dedicate a minimum of 100 hours every year to mentor women professionals to achieve life balance and fulfilment!

with our founder Sripriyaa Venkataraman to help you connect the dots between your profession, passion and purpose!

Caring for students and their future leadership

We believe it is a divine responsibility to build a sustainable future. Hence we offer students and young professionals with Free Digital Course – Entrepreneurial Mindset coupled with 2 hours of free mentoring sessions to help them gain mental balance and make right professional choices.


Your story has the power to inspire!
Leadership grows with inspiration.


I never let my inadequacies reflect as demands on my team, children and students.

On a November morning I stood on the sixth floor terrace of our penthouse staring at the endless carpet of coconut trees. My mid term results (as ‘pathetic’ as always had arrived just the day before) and the annual season of worthlessness had just set in....

Do you have the humility and growth mindset to be coached?