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Coach Jagat Rathore

"The experience of having Jagat as my coach was of immense benefit to me as a professional. Having the space to discuss tricky scenario's with a trusted third party and to receive relevant, unbiased feedback has been very valuable. His ability to ask the right questions has been extremely helpful to me in moving ahead. The best thing is that Jagat ddi not offer any advice, but somehow enabled me to come up with my own answers. I wish him all the best and would highly recommend him as a coach."


Pharma Business

Coach Parvez Pestonji

"I had engaged Mr. Parvez Pestonji as a coach from April 2013 till September 2013. I needed a new perspective to take my business to the next level. Mr. Pestonji came to me through a reference and had a rich and varied experience in business, training and coaching. Through the coaching engagement with him I was able to see the larger picture and was able to raise my standards. I was able to make the leap of getting out of my comfort zone. I have started to take decisions with courage and am taking calculated risks with confidence. Over the last few months. There is a definite change in dealing with my colleagues, staff and customers. Over the next few months I aim to significantly increase my business volume and raise the effectiveness of my employees as well. I have found Pervez to be a very good listener. He has helped me to stretch myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with him and will have no hesitation in recommending him to any individual or a corporate to reap the benefit of his skills, knowledge and his genuine desire to be of help."

Managing Director & Business Owner

Coach Dhruva Sen

"I have had the privilege of being coached by Mr. Dhruv Sen spanning 3 sessions. I personally found him to be a person with an ear for details. His ability to paraphrase and articulate left me spellbound. I also found him to be highly conscientious and had a streak of authenticity which is not so common to come across these days."

Senior Manage

Finance Industry

Coach Keya Rathore

"Working with Keya as my executive coach has helped me change my approach to leadership. She helped me understand how my actions might be perceived by others. This was a great help for me to modify certain key behaviours that were holding me back. The results have been very positive."

Operations Directors

one of the top legal advisory firms

Coach Gayathri Krishnamurthy

"Gayatri's style of interaction facilitated numerous occasions of introspection which led to an attempt to adopt a few fundamental behavioural elements such democratic in a group situation, use of technology as a follow up tool, spending more time evaluate an individual's opinion rather than rubbish it out-rightly as impractical. Gayatri has a keen insight into human behaviour and a wonderful way of helping one realize his follies."

Executive Vice President

Professional Services Industry

Coach RamSwaroop Gopalan

"Working with Ram as a caochee was altogether different experience. The twelve weeks journey of coaching which starts from strategic thinking to execution on focussed areas with EQ assessments was a fun. It was a great learning experience and has helps me to sharpen my management and leadership skills. His work is much focussed. He is a cool and friendly person and has a lot of patience. He is a true mentor and strategic thinker. Hi is one of the best person I have met so far."


Technology Industry

Coach Deepti Arora

"I started working with Deepti when I was at a crossroads figuring out the "right" path for my profession. Working with her helped me challenge my assumptions and widen my canvas. I started off with number 1 in my mind and today my vision board has 1000! The most important realisation that set in me was to take actions in congruence with myself and at my pace( What is the point in making a fish climb a tree!). She offers different perspectives to a situation you are grappling with and her commitment is truly unshakable! "

Business Owner