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Global Leadership & Coaching Workshop

The Context

The skills that brought you here may not be as relevant as you seek to thrive in the future. The World Economic Forum 2017, came up with a Future of Jobs report that contrasts the skills relevant in 2015 and those essential in 2020. Quite simply, your Return on Thinking Invested (ROTI) and your collaborative quotient stand out as game changers for your leadership effectiveness in 2020.

Our Belief

The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world today demands a different set of skills for leaders to navigate and thrive.

It is our belief that a holistic, interconnected and multi-perspective approach is necessary now, for leaders to discover and develop a broader set of skills, competencies and behaviours needed to navigate a fast-changing environment.

We also believe that Leaders need a blended set of experiences to bridge their rational, emotional and spiritual potential.

Some Questions to Think Critically

How are you addressing the gap between your potential and your purpose?
Are you exercising both sides of your brain to progress your Leadership?
Are your current work & life activities aligned to your True North?
Are your Capabilities, Skills and Behaviours fully capitalized, to propel you to your next level of leadership?


You could discover your answers from the Global Leadership and Coaching Seminar. Specifically, we would empower you to:

Broaden yourself meaningfully in many of the skill areas relevant in 2020.

Practise in a safe environment to gain many of these skills and apply them meaningfully to yield you some quick wins.

Learn through various experiences that tap into the potential of both your left and right brain.

Leverage a peer-support system that aids your learning and application, and coaches you to sustain your learning.

Develop a support system which encourages you towards achieving your life’s meaning, purpose and unity.