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Aligning teams to aspire and achieve together

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Bridging Generational Gaps Essential to Effective Team Management & Sustainable Growth
We know teamwork is one of the biggest competitive advantages for organisational success. But every team will agree when that collaboration cannot be achieved without overcoming complexities and challenges. We help you navigate these complexities and challenges including getting alignment of teams towards a common goal, understanding and leveraging differences, managing politics and conflicts constructively and achieving vertical coherence to collective results.
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How can we track and measure change at the individual leader level, to calculate ROI for executive coaching investments?
How do we know that our leaders are applying coaching in multiple stakeholder interfaces – how can we put systemic measures and practices for coaching initiatives?
Standardisation vs Customisation to improve systemic efficiency and effectiveness towards corporate coaching initiatives?
Most organizations don’t understand the difference between team coaching and team facilitation.

How can we help you?

Our Group Coaching engagements

Building group dynamics and cross functional collaboration opportunities are critical for organisations to build their next rung of leaders. The shifts in the external business environment are dynamic and therefore requires continuous facilitation of upskilling and learning. Through group coaching engagements, we help different groups of professionals within organisations raise their awareness on critical business topics and challenges. We also facilitate learning groups to apply their learnings on cross functional business impact projects to improve the multi-disciplinary capabilities of their high performing talent.

Our Team and Systemic Coaching engagements

We strive to advance your Team Effectiveness through incisive group and team coaching engagements, which focuses on aspiring and achieving clear and defined outcomes for your team’s success. We truly believe that without a common vocabulary to understand differences, we cannot expect teams to leverage their differences. Therefore, a key focal point of our team engagements include building a vocabulary to understand how every person on the team is different and then coaching those differences to achieve more.

Team Coaching and Team Facilitation – Different or Same

Our team coaching engagement enables designing a higher aspiration for the team and that every team member feels motivated and contributes towards it.

Patrick Lencioni rightly said, “Teamwork is the single biggest untapped competitive advantage for organisations.” Yet, there is still a huge gap between awareness (knowing) and application (doing).

Team Coaching is a simple and effective mechanism to drive teams towards better alignment between individual and collective goals. Understanding team dynamics, the relationships between the various stakeholders, team dysfunctions and team decision making are key components of how we facilitate team coaching sessions.

During the engagement phases we conduct workshops that help team members reflect and discover more about themselves and their team members.

Team coaching engagements are clearly centred on the team goals and specific business KPIs and aspirations so that it results in actionable outcomes for the team.

Our experienced team coach uses the power of questions to help stretch team thinking and reframe their realities to achieve greater results.

Is your team coaching “clearing the path” for teams to adopt a possibility mindset?