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It is our belief that women carry a greater burden between work and family, so much so they do not invest in themselves. Life becomes a mad rush between competing commitments, and their emptiness within, resulting in a lack of enthusiasm and motivation. At an organisational level, this is felt in greater female attrition at the leadership level and lesser motivation to move into management.

Our Belief

It is our belief that organisations can bridge the gap between attrition and empowerment, especially with gender talent. We believe that ‘one size does not fit all’ – therefore organisations need to provide a range of interventions, delivered through multiple frameworks for women employees to feel Energised, Empowered and Enthused. Specifically, they need to be provided with a range of interventions that can include coaching, mentoring or training, with each one of them delivered on-site, virtually, or facilitated.

Some Question for you to consider

Does your organization provide you with multiple approaches to help you accelerate your journey towards your potential?
Do your women employees feel that they have a choice in their selection of the individual and the type of engagement for their own growth?
When it comes to empowering women, does your organisation have a ‘Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere’ approach to its growth?
Do women leaders in your organisations provide you feedback that they feel supported throughout their journey to fulfil their potential?


Women employees now have the choice to choose their mentor/coach and the type of engagement that aligns to their stage of empowerment and aspiration.

Organisations have greater engagement from their women employees, who are now motivated to aspire with ‘safe’ external support.

Organisations have the flexibility to align and assign people and engagements to suit the unique needs of their women managers and leaders.

The organisation culture turns positive since gender diversity results in greater innovation and integration.

How does this work?

  • Organisations contract with us for a fixed number of days, which can be mutually agreed upon.
  • These days can then be roughly allocated and sequenced between training, mentoring and coaching engagements.
  • Women employees, managers and leaders are encouraged and incentivised to utilise their different engagements in their growth journey.
  • Organisations can choose to adorn various engagements to ‘Right-Size’ their women population and the popularity/results of the engagements.

Corporates can sign up for an annual fee to help their employees use and benefit from this unique packaged offering.