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What is courageous high impact leadership & how can you develop it with optimism and adaptability?

As leaders it is important to have the best support during every transition, and we believe in bespoke coaching solutions to support each transition. We help you tap your innermost potential for inspirational results.

How can we support our leaders and managers to find the right executive coach?
How can we bridge the internal coaching vs external coaching dilemma more effectively?
How can leaders improve their commitment to act and gain systemic support to transformative journeys?
Building tracking effectiveness to coaching results, given the confidential nature of coaching conversations.

Executive Coaching Widens Possibilities

Complexities in the business environment are only increasing, more so in the last few years. In Asia, 55% of coachees are sponsored by their company, while 45% paid for their own coaching. We have observed an increased awareness to the benefits of Executive Coaching and have engaged extensively with leaders, both companies sponsored and self-sponsored. Through one-on-one coaching, executives have realised that in addition to benefits like physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stability, they have been able to:
  1. Double their career progression opportunities
  2. Enhance their executive presence
  3. Increase their alignment between profession and passion
Organisations are also able to experience the benefits of Executive Coaching by their leaders’ increased propensity to accelerate business growth and drive innovation along with an entrepreneurial organisational culture. Leaders are more agile and can adapt to the changes in the future.

How can we help you?

An individual –executive or leader – can benefit from the triangulation of a structured process, insightful feedback, and powerful coaching. Each of our executive coaching engagements are tailored to the individual and customised for the organisation. This allows us to select the right coach for the coachee and design the engagement in a way that maximises ROI for your organisation.

Individual Leadership Coaching is a powerful self-discovery process, where through the benefit of powerful and insightful questions from the coach, the coachee discovers possibilities and solutions for their biggest challenges and opportunities.

Our one-on-one Executive Coaching sessions can be – In Person or Virtually enabled. At Global Coaching Lab, we are uniquely positioned to help individuals and organisations track the coaching conversations, progress on goals, and customise additional resources through our investment and partnership with tested coaching technology platforms.

We emphasise on the power of the chemistry between the Executive Coach and coachee. Therefore, we focus on the alignment, commitment and boundaries of the coaching engagements to drive successful transformative results.

Customer results that we have enabled:

Our Differentiated Executive Coaching Capabilities



Hours Of Executive Coaching
Scale Coaching To Cover Hundreds Of Leaders - Benefit From Insights And Foresights For Accelerated Business Growth.



Frameworks Utilised To Drive Stretch In Coaching Conversations
Align To Universal Principles And Business Best Practices To Accelerate Achievements Of Goals.

Coaching To The Next Level of Performance And Potential

Over 80% Of Coachees Got Promoted Within 12-18 Months Of The Coaching Engagement – Leverage Our Diverse Network Of Coaches To Help You Grow To The Next Level.

Do you have the humility and growth mindset to be coached?


Individual Coaching Case Studies

Stepping out of the comfort zone

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Stepping out of the comfort zone

This Management Consulting firm is a challenger to the Big4 and has created a position for itself in the India & Middle East markets over the years.
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What got you here will not take you there

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What got you here will not take you there

A Partner with a leading management consulting firm wanted to explore coaching as an opportunity to transform himself, his team, and his organizational results.
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Overcoming the Expert’s Curse

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Overcoming the Expert’s Curse

One of the Partners in a leading Management Consulting firm wanted to embrace coaching to bring a better sense of balance into her work and personal life.
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Understanding Others to discover One-Self

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Understanding Others to discover One-Self

A family run conglomerate is grooming one of its family members to take over the enterprise. One of the sons, who was poised to become the Managing Director decided to
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Your growth is our promise. Let us empower it!

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