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Intelligences At Play

Catalyse change by blending multiple intelligences

The Context

There are multiple factors that necessitate a higher order of leadership. Some of them are:
  • 86% of respondents to a recent 2016 World Economic Forum Survey think that there is a leadership crisis in the world today, and many companies are worried about their bench strength.
  • The other factor that is driving change, is that over the next 10 years, millennials will double as the proportion of the workforce.
  • In many of our leadership workshops, when we ask the question – “how many of you consider yourself a leader?”, less than 10% of the hands go up!

All of the above only demonstrates the need to transcend to a higher level of awareness and capability, in our current and future leaders. What should be different, better or new?

Go deeper within to achieve higher without!

Traditional Leadership

  • Intimades, rules and manipulates
  • Relies on form, structure
  • Outer-directed
  • Eventually becomes incompitent
  • More adolescent, even if highly functional
  • Strong persona, maintains image
  • Politics prevails
  • Tends to lead forcefully
  • Tends to be dominating
  • Protects own image

Conscious Leadership

  • Inspires, evokes greatness
  • Trust in self, others
  • Inner-directed
  • Continues to grow and learn
  • Adult wiser and more mature
  • Authentic and genuine
  • Truth-telling prevails
  • Leads with presence
  • Poses dominion, mastery
  • Serves those who follow

Source: Conscious Leadership: Transformational approaches to Bringing About a Better Future - Article by renowned author, mentor, futurist on matters of social and organisational change, John Renesch.

Our Belief

Our belief behind this offering stems from the fact that the world requires a higher order leadership to effectively manage the kinds of transformations that have been necessitated by todays’ environment.

Today, change being the constant, we need Resilient Leaders, who can conquer their fears and challenges and use their courage in a constructive and assertive manner to consistently lead through the requirements of the change.

In order to see more of such leaders, we believe that a powerful self-transformation program is required to build leadership tenacity and strength to work through the grid and its challenges.

Some Questions to Stretch Your Thinking

You feel you know what you need more of, yet, do you feel challenged in articulating what exactly it is?
Do you have the results that showcase that you have fully tapped and exercised the potential of your left and right brain?
You seem to have it all, yet, do you feel there is something missing in the larger picture?
At any point have you felt the lack of self-connection to the work that you are subjected to?


This program requires rigour, courage and commitment from both the participants and the facilitators. Our expert team of facilitators, experts and coaches will work with the diverse group of leaders who sign up for this program.

Week long rigorous and highly experiential program which raises the availability of these intelligences from your subconscious to your conscious action.

The more we worked 1:1 with senior leaders, their experiences and feedback reiterated our belief the value that this program can bring for leaders and future leadership.

Blend of Left brain and Right brain thinking