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At Global Coaching Lab, we believe that your career should be an adventure that takes you from ‘who you are’ to ‘who you could be’ by tapping into your highest potential.

We are a people driven, non-discriminatory, fair practices, equal opportunity employer and we look forward to welcoming high calibre professionals.

The below roles are always open in Singapore and India. If you would like to be considered, then please apply and we will contact you.

Let us take you from “who you are” to “who you could possibly be”!

Director / Manager – Business Development and Customer Success

You are an individual with a passion for Selling, Sales Management and Customer Success. You would possess experience in selling “People and capability transformation” solutions to Global Business and Human Resource Leaders.

Creative Technology Specialist

You have a passion for technology combined with a flair for creativity. This role blends the possibilities of creativity and technology together.

Content Designer & Curator

Content is King”: You delight in the ability to structure content and align it in a way that learners find it valuable and fun. You have deep insights into the psychology of learning, and the pragmatism of training and coaching.

Manager - Digital Learning Experience Design and Digital Marketing

This role is crucial to the transition of our business from offline engagement models to online engagement models. In addition to a transition in course content, we anticipate a transition in the way we market and engage our customers.

Micro-Learning Specialist

This role exists to drive absorption, retention and application of leadership skills and behaviours to drive habit formation for customers.

Strategic Partnerships Officer (SPO)

You would ideally have experience and exposure working with the Indian Government and Singapore Government and respective universities on matters like skills development, education, certification and funding

Business Interns

If you have a passion for management skills and believe that you can climb your career ladder faster, then we may have an opportunity for you.

Leadership Facilitators and Executive Coaches

If you have a passion for leadership development and the experience to back it up, then we may have some opportunities that can align to your passion and leverage your experience. Our customers work with us to make their best better.

Practitioners who want to teach and facilitate e-learning and blended learning experiences

If you have a passion for making others great, especially the future leaders and early talent, through the intersection of your experience, passion and strength, then we have a wonderful opportunity for you through our digital learning platform.

Your story has the power to inspire!
Leadership grows with inspiration.


Reflect upon how you can recreate a creative moment that propelled you to handle your current uncertainties.

I am a #creative person at heart. At work, I’m always finding creative ways to depict the ‘usual’ that otherwise becomes mundane. My most recent attempt was with #casestudies. Case studies, as most of you know, are important assets and a great way for people to learn from actions that have already yielded results, saving them the time they would otherwise invest in trial and error. The case was ready....

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