About US

From belief to manifestation,
it all started here.

A few words from our Founder
Global Coaching Lab was founded on the belief that people have infinite potential to fulfil their life purpose and we achieve this through coaching. No matter how fast the world moves, leadership, teaming and innovation never stop. From theory to practice, we provide end to end sustainable leadership and team development services by creating a coaching culture within your organization.
If a coaching culture filled with positivity and possibility embraces your entire organisation, think about how much more your teams and leaders can achieve!

Our purpose is to transform leaders with integrity, authenticity and dignity.

Our Story

Established in 2012, Global Coaching Lab started on a social media platform to leverage collaboration and create a community of coaches who could contribute and learn from one another. The group grew rapidly and became a network that helped coaches achieve their accreditation along with building their capabilities and marketing and selling their services.

The success of this community triggered the need to establish a formal organisation led by Sripriyaa Venkataraman. She widened the scope of the organisation from community building to customer engagement, women empowerment, team effectiveness and leadership development. Not forgetting where it all started, Global Coaching Lab continues to leverage the power of coaching, in all its richness and variety, for all its engagements.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap between performance, potential and purpose through the power and possibilities of coaching.

Our Vision

Transform a million leaders to build a coaching culture within their organizations by 2030.

We believe in the potent combination of the logical and the creative brain to enrich leadership.

Principles that underpin our Purpose.

Every human being has untapped potential. It is our responsibility to help them discover it.
Creating a safe space to support diverse views and have meaningful conversations that can lead to life altering transformations.
Using structure to aid the coaching conversation and shorten the time to gather insights.
Maximize ROTI (Return on time invested) by using time tested frameworks that stretches thinking.
Meeting the individual or group ‘where they are at’ and taking them to ‘where they could be’.
Practice passionate impartiality where we are passionate about helping people and organisations while remaining impartial during engagements.
Using the power of reflection, the importance of actions and the accountability towards progress to aid growth and improvement.
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Strive for excellence in everything that we do.

Global Coaching Lab truly believes in the potential of deep research and innovation to reframe the narratives for leadership. Our research on non-cognitive aspects coupled with insights from diverse mainstream and alternate leaders, is a driving factor for our future.

Your roadmap to the future begins here.

Leadership development and Coaching can no longer rest on the laurels achieved in the past from traditional training methods. The future of learning is modularised, personalised, socialised and measurement driven, for which Global Coaching Lab is working to enhance their blended learning experiences to create lasting behaviour change.

How is leadership coaching helping your leaders stay ahead of the changes around them?

Your story has the power to inspire!
Leadership grows with inspiration.


Had I not exhibited my persuasion skills, we would have lost a huge amount..

It was almost 2 decades ago. As a software reseller, we had sold software licenses worth 10 lakhs Indian Rupees to a customer. We received a token advance payment and based on the trust that they would pay us the balance amount upon delivery, we delivered the licenses. We had paid the full amount to our distributor. To our bad luck,