Leader as a Coach

You have succeeded as a leader when your team is curious & asks questions

Leadership Development and the Role of Mentoring in Leadership
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Leadership Development and the Role of Mentoring in Leadership

“What got you here, will not get you there”.

Today, the pace of change is mind-blowing and disruptive. Therefore, traditional leadership and managing practices are simply not enough to deal with the complexities. It is imperative for leaders to blend the strong traditional foundations of leadership and management with the new and disruptive approaches, to lead and manage teams, results and growth.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for every manager to move away from command-and-control styles to more supportive and nurturing style of managing and leading. Therefore, Leader as a Coach will be a key driver for your people productivity and business growth.

Your leaders are doing & managing rather than coaching & leading their teams?
Your leaders are not developing teams to be better than themselves?
Your leaders adopt a one size fits all approach with all the reportees?
Your leaders exhibit same style in all situations? (Lack of situational fluency)
Your leaders tell or order rather than ask thought provoking questions?
Coaching culture is yet to permeate in your organization?

How can we help you?

We help your leaders to elevate as coaches to their teams.

The ability of the manager to establish a container of safety, showcase empathy, drive significant value and structure coaching conversations towards powerful outcomes is easier understood than meticulously applied. Therefore, it is important for key leaders and managers in organizations to understand the application of high impact leadership coaching, at the critical interfaces that matter.

At Global Coaching Lab, it is our vision to building a coaching culture within organizations, where leaders and managers are fluidly applying coaching at the critical interfaces that truly matters.

Global Coaching Lab’s customised Leader as a Coach program is a combination of knowledge sharing and application, using powerful case studies and real plays.

We can guarantee you that you will be away from boring power-point driven lecture to a highly engaging situational styles, as you improve your ability to coach at critical interfaces as a leader and manager.

What can you achieve?


Increased employee commitment and employee engagement levels, leading to better business and growth predictability.


It increases the trust and confidence levels in your employees, to believe that their managers and the organization encourages and supports their capability and performance.


It helps to building a thinking organization, from a typical doing organization culture.


The impact of continuously asking powerful questions helps improve the curiosity levels of teams, thereby allowing an entrepreneurial mindset to evolve to deliver results.


Team members become more responsible and take effort to build a culture of accountability.


Systemic shift in the skill levels of managers and leaders, as they are now able to focus more on innovation and disruptive business drivers.


An effective feedback and feed-forward culture is achieved in organizations.

How can your leaders leverage the magician archetype?


How can your leaders and managers use sustainable leadership styles that build independent achievers and team players?

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