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Leader as a Coach

The Context

Originally coined in the 1800s at Oxford University and later used extensively in the field of sports, the term ‘Coaching’ has become synonymous with Leadership today, describing the managerial method used to transform people from where they are to where they want to be. Daniel Goleman’s six leadership styles published in 2000 includes coaching as an important and encompassing Leadership style.

Coaching has gained tremendous momentum in the last decade where we have witnessed all types of organisations jump on the bandwagon and certify their leadership team as Coaches. Though the theory behind this is progressive, what we see is a gap between theory and application. A lot of leaders are unable to be effective coaches. An HBR Survey concluded that about 1 in every 4 leaders over assess their coaching capabilities. Oftentimes we come across leaders saying they know what coaching is all about. However, a majority are confused between mentoring and coaching. It is important to understand the true power and meaning to leverage coaching in a manner that can accelerate them to their results.


Our Belief

Through our experiences coaching and training global leaders from all walks of life, we see a trend emerging where most leaders spend more of their time doing and managing rather than leading and coaching. This is due to their inability to trust their team, failure to provide feedback, poor listening skills and inability to spend the time and interest in developing skills.

It is our belief that an effective manager is someone who is able to situationally lead and direct his team motivating them towards a common vision and organisational goals. We believe this success can be achieved by the leader through adopting an effective coaching style when engaging with his team – developing the ability to transform his leadership through the power of coaching!

Some Questions to Think Critically

Coaching being a leadership imperative – that differentiates you between a good great and world class leader, how are you planning to address your mental gaps between knowing and doing coaching?
As a leader, do you find meaning in making other great? If Yes, how can you achieve that?
What else are the possibilities for you, while you manage your team other than telling and delegating?
As a leader have you been in a situation where you want to help your team but don’t know how?


Gain an understanding of what is holding you back as you address your fear, uncertainty, doubts and overcome your resistance to coaching.

Understanding the fundamentals of coaching and learning old models in new applications

Developing your listening skills and your ability to provide effective feedback

Circumnavigate common coaching pitfalls and building an effective coaching practice in your routine

Through multiple role-plays and scenario discussions practice the application of coaching to significant business issues