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Leadership Coaching Solutions

The belief with which we developed the Leadership solutions at GCL, was to ensure we approached leadership through different lenses, different levels and different client needs.

The carefully chosen list of leadership programs that our clients have benefited from are:

Global Leadership & Coaching Workshop

A holistic, interconnected and multi-perspective approach to help you bridge the gap between your potential and your purpose.

Leading and Differentiating at the Board Level

A niche program focussed on experiential learning to help you address the dilemmas, politics and possibilities of being a board member.

Team and Culture Integration

Build a high performance team by investing in a vocabulary to understand differences and learn the art of leveraging those differences to achieve more together.

Intelligences at Play

Broaden and deepen your awareness and application of your multiple intelligences to multiply your success.

Building your Executive Presence

“The lion needs no introduction in the jungle” – Are you one?

Applied Learning

The opportunity to Apply what you know and to Discover the possibilities behind what you don’t know. – A case study approach to tackle Leadership Complexities.

Leader as a Coach

If you want to carve out time to strategically plan your Leadership impact, it can only happen if you create independent thinkers and doers in your teams. Becoming a coach helps you move from a manager to a leader!

Building your Business and Financial Acumen

Information to Insights to Implications