Leadership Coaching Solutions


At Global Coaching Lab, we believe in building Global Leaders. Global leaders are those who can multiply the impact of their different roles by leveraging multiple perspectives. In addition, they need to be culturally aware and dexterous, and have the ability to leverage diversity to accelerate business results.

At the Leadership level, GCL offers three powerful programs to develop the multiple
facets of leadership

    • The Best return on investment in leadership is when we are able to get leaders to significantly raise their own self awareness and invest in their interpersonal effectiveness through coaching. This 3-day program, based on the best seller "Global Coaching" by Philippe Rosinski utilizes six interconnected perspectives to drive depth in the leaders awareness and execution.
    • The Leader of the future needs to develop a global outlook - an outlook that embraces and leverages different cultures. The word "culture" is not limited to political or geographical boundaries. It encompasses the values, beliefs and norms of people you work along with. This 3-day program is based on the best seller "Coaching Across Cultures" by Philippe Rosinski and includes the COF(Cultural Orientations Framework) CERTIFICATION.
  • All these programs are coupled with three 1:1 executive coaching sessions to help the leader powerfully land their learnings. There is also an active community support for six months post the workshop.
  • COF (Cultural Orientations framework) Certification in LCAC program is best applied in multicultural teams, among strategic partnerships, joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions.