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Leading And Differentiating Yourself With Your Board

The Context

As a CxO, the Board expects you to translate strategy into execution. In addition, it expects you to feedback the results of execution into direction for the organisation. Your insights and foresights have a tangible impact on how your organisation finds direction in a sea of grey. According to a recent research published in the Harvard Business Review, 40% of new CEOs fail to meet performance expectations of their board, within the first 18 months. This is where your leadership is put to the test.

Another perspective to the context, as you may be aware “climate risk, for many sectors, more than they realise is a material issue” this also increases the need for board readiness to include climate competent members.

Our Belief

It is our belief that future CxOs have to find direction amidst uncertainty and complexity and provide leadership that secures their future. This can only be achieved by building cognitive and emotional diversity that embraces different perspectives. This multidimensional thinking exposes various possibilities to help CxOs to manage and thrive in ambiguity.

In addition, we also believe that the future CxOs need to align to the new order of doing business - building People, Profits and Planet that embraces sustainability.

Our Approach

This being a very niche program, the depth and impact of this program calls for a highly focused and experiential environment. Based on the needs of the individuals, this program will be highly customised to build:
  • Situational flexibility for your leadership style.
  • IQ, EQ and XQ across multiple levels.
  • Skills to prepare and present to the board.
  • Thought leadership through exposure to multiple experts.
  • Building the expertise to connect business value to the language of money and finance.
  • Being ahead in the game in creating your differentiators that helps you look through the new order in the business environment


For you to positively influence your Board, we believe that you need to raise you profile, gain visibility and drive consensus. Key skills that will help you differentiate yourself are:

Creatively leveraging different modes of thinking to multiply your ability to tackle complexity.

Balance your Masculine and Feminine personas to increase your persuasion and influence skills.

Ability to embrace and leverage diversity.

Emotional maturity & clarity of thinking to operate under high levels of stress.

Acumen to constructively navigate power and politics for the larger goal.

Build your ability to bounce back (resilience), tenacity to drive outcomes with rigour and responsiveness.

Ability to bring clarity, alignment, and a sense of direction across all stakeholders.

Building your Business Acumen and Financial Acumen and Sustainability Acumen.

From Figurehead to Force Multiplier