Leading In a Hybrid World

Leading In a Hybrid World 

Celebrating the Bond, Collaborating to Bind, Aspiring to Beget

Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path.

A simple Zen proverb with a powerful meaning sums up the transition that the world of work made during the pandemic and now does during the rebound. We have moved from mostly physical to mostly virtual to currently experimenting with the hybrid model at work.

While organizations continue to experiment with the right mix of the Hybrid Paradox that will suit their business, this research aims to create a reflective path for leaders. To create something new, it is said that you need to begin with what you know. Therefore, reflection through your Self leadership, Team leadership, Network leadership, and Business leadership practices during the pandemic can define your new hybrid mix.

Context to our research study:

Leading themselves, their teams, communities, and managing to drive collective results, was a juggling act during the Covid crisis. Leaders dedicated themselves to making a difference through their resilience. Their resilience is what motivated our team at Global Coaching Lab to help them reflect, and share their moments of celebration, collaboration, challenges, and how they successfully achieved results. Every leader we interviewed was committed to sharing their experiences and adding their perspectives to the collective pool of insights within this study.

This white paper report is not prescriptive but promises a reflective journey on behaviors that emerged during the pandemic, and how they can make a difference to your leadership, in a hybrid world.

Representative List of Job Titles

The SIX PERSPECTIVEs framework to help you reflect and lead effectively in a transformed hybrid world.


The deep internal reflections of people



What people did to cope with vulnerability



The physical changes in people and environments



The rise of empathy and trust



The visible elements on how people got things done



The types of results people achieved


A brief synopsis of our findings

We have delved in detail into several indicators. To make it more palatable, we have given below a summation of the findings mentioned above. We have divided these as per the six levels discussed to enable easy understanding.

In our journey from the known to the unknown, we have uncovered differences in personality traits and behaviour changes in people. Personality traits changed and even companies made of brick and stone took on a human form to support their people. Managers and employees extended their relationships to support each other’s families and people connected on a deeper level. Most importantly, the pandemic brought out hidden perspectives in people that made them work towards a mutual goal and bring success for the whole team.

Indications and Implications Derived

Indications and Implications Derived

Download to continue reading

Download this white paper to take a reflective journey on leadership during a pandemic and discover how to lead in a hybrid and changed world.

We believe that this study will be truly useful when we engage in conversations that catalyse change. We are happy to facilitate a 60-minute session in your organization, to present the findings and discuss the behaviors that can help your leaders thrive in a hybrid world.

For a customized engagement that will give your leaders a map to navigate the hybrid terrain, reach out to us at contact@globalcoachinglab.com.

Covid Crisis – Some Reflective journeys

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