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Leading With Your Heart

The first step towards becoming a great leader is becoming self-aware.


Emotional Intelligence is the greatest tool a Leader could possess. The ability to understand and regulate one’s own emotions allows one to intuitively understand how others feel. It allows you to move from a command-and-control approach and evolve into an empathetic Leader. This course shows you how Archetypes can help you immensely in your Leadership journey, gaining admiration and respect along the way.

Who is this course for?

leading with your mind - manager or leader


Learn how to invoke Archetypes at will and master situational fluency.

leading with your mind -entrepreneurs


Be a Warrior in your investor meetings, a Ruler at work and a Destroyer who knows what to let go to achieve more.

leading with your mind - high potentials


Find the answer to how you can tap into your infinite potential.

leading with your mind - aspiring entrepreneurs

Aspiring Leaders

Discover the many faces you have to wear in order to evolve into a great Leader.

In Focus

leadign with your heart - 12 archetypes
12 Archetypes

Introduction to Carol Pearson's 12 Archetypes to help in your leadership self-discovery.

leading with your heart - 5 archetypes for young leaders
5 Archetypes for Young Leaders

Discover in detail the 5 key archetypes that can help you accelerate your leadership impact.

Meet your instructor


Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Sripriyaa is an ICF certified coach. Her passion for coaching and her drive for synergizing partnerships led to the establishment of a highly successful coaching company called Global Coaching Lab, which has been working with an extensive network of executive coaches to address large organizational and culture transformation initiatives in Asia Pacific region, Middle East and India.

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leading with your heart - course certificate

Discover what lies in the heart of your leadership

Emotional Intelligence in leaders is wildly underrated. When you look into the heart of leadership, what truly creates an impact is self-discovery.

What kind of a leader are you? 
What kind of a leader do you want to be? 
Is there are gap between the two?

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