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The Context

Individuals, teams and organisations are moving towards a more sustainable way of working together and impacting people, profits and planet. With sustainability being the fulcrum for future growth, organisations must/are to build a highly engaged workforce which encompasses their physical, emotional and mental well-being. There is an ever-green need among employees to address their urgent or important challenges – which would require mentoring, coaching or developmental programs support.

Often leaders ask themselves “Is it possible to be a high-standards, results-driven leader while at the same time building an engaged, fun-to-work-with team?” https://hbr.org/2017/06/how-managers-drive-results-and-employee-engagement-at-the-same-time Research suggests it is! An engaged workforce give their 110% and at the same time have a sense of self well-being.

Our Belief

From our experience we believe, that in order for organisations to holistically address both their sustainability and employee engagement vision, an integrated and multifarious approach is the answer for future growth. We also understand the increasing need for organisations to consolidate and balance the types of external vis-à-vis internal employee engagements. Specifically, they need to be provided with a range of interventions – a combination of mentoring, coaching and developmental programs all bundled together in a package which can be beautifully leveraged by organisations. Each one of these can be delivered on-site, virtually, or facilitated. We clearly believe that this interesting bouquet of services will be a one stop solution to fulfil their needs in this direction.

Some Questions to Think Critically

What happens when they get stuck? if you had a lifeline what should you do?
As the complexities of your employee challenges increase, how are you thinking of the mix between external and internal support to help them address these challenges, and increase their productivity levels?
How has your approach to challenges effected your connection to your work?
What has been your default approach as you get stuck or face challenges at a personal or professional level?